Thursday, November 20, 2008

Tech Challenged

Just bought a new iPod and can't get it out of the freaking box. This is not a good sign. Also, I should have driven past the Apple store on my way home from a half-day of work, not parked and gone in for no good reason. Why do I do these things?

But while I was there, in the pouring down rain, thinking about how I am not going to be able to go for a run because it is pouring down rain, I decided to upgrade to a new Nano that has video. Hopefully the promise of an episode of Dexter or Mad Men will get me on the treadmill and keep me there.

And when I say "new" iPod, I totally mean last year's Nano, not the new shake-it-to-change-songs Nano. Because I got last year's nano, brand new, for $89 today. Uh-huh. $15 shoes and $89 iPods. That is totally how I roll. And the fact that I had to buy a new one to have video is a clear indication of how old my old one is. Yes. That old.

Thank God I have this new iPod setting up project that needs my immediate attention. Otherwise I was going to clean my bathrooms.

1 comment:

stephanie (bad mom) said...

Good shopping, you. I definitely need to spend time in your presence to get back my bargain-hunting mojo...