Saturday, December 27, 2008

Birthday Eve

Today is Carlie's birthday eve. Tomorrow she will be 10. She has announced that sweeping and drastic changes will occur when she hits the double digits and has also proclaimed herself a preteen at the stroke of midnight tonight.

God help us all.

Big weekend plans. She is singing with the church choir at The Grotto tonight, which hopefully will not be frozen and slippery nor slushy and wet, and hopefully will be just so and enjoyable. If you are local, the Festival of Lights at The Grotto at Christmastime is really beautiful.

Today I want to un-decorate my house. Every year when it is time to pack away the Christmas, I have grandiose ideas of redecorating my house in the process, making everything fresh and new and somehow DIFFERENT. The reality is this usually involves moving a chair or swapping out pillows on the sofa. But at the moment I'm thinking about a trip to Ikea for slipcovers and maybe a new rug. 

Our last "new rug" from Ikea turned out to be made of some magical space-age polymer that caused our cats to lose all control of their bladders. It was a cat pee magnet. I'm hoping for a new rug that doesn't have that same kitty mojo. 

Another goal for today is to actually eat a vegetable. Not a cookie, cake, brownie or bread. Not leftover ham, gumbo or prime rib. But something that actually has or once had leaves and grew in the earth. Oh, and without a thick sauce on it. What do they call those bowls of greens? Oh, yeah, a salad. I'd like to perhaps have a salad today. And though I swore I was going yesterday, I didn't, so I'd also like to go to the gym. Goal: be able to button pre-Christmas pants by New Years Eve.

What's everyone else got going this weekend?


stephanie (bad mom) said...

I'm heading up north to my parents' house where we may or may not encounter a vegetable; wish us luck.

I know I will not be going near this thing you call "gym."

Will be in touch about next weekend :D

OH - Happy Birthday, Preteen!

Janet said...

oooh, GUMBO! I have so been craving gumbo, you can send your leftovers to me :-)