Sunday, December 28, 2008

365 Days

I've been trying to think of something creative or unique to do in the New Year. But because I am neither creative nor unique, it's been something of a challenge.

So I changed my goal of "trying to think of" to "trying to find" something creative and unique to do in the new year, because there are a lot of very creative and unique people out there with fab ideas and, frankly, who am I to think I need to reinvent the wheel.

To that end, I just joined the group 365 Days on Flickr. Starting January 1, a self-portrait per day for 365 days. Sound like fun? I debated joining the group Wardrobe Remix, but after perusing the photos there and seeing a blatant lack of mom jeans, I decided my wardrobe might not be trendy enough.

So that's my challenge: a self portrait per day, without getting boring. We'll see...

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