Saturday, December 20, 2008

Fairy House Photos

Does anyone know what a boy fairy would be called? Three of these are for girls and three are for boys. And a fairy house for a boy sounds, well, a bit girly. Instead of a flower petal for a dress, the boys are made with a leaf. And we gave them cool mohawk haircuts.

We painted names on the houses. Our family's kids have the greatest names. We made fairy wish houses for Gus, Eliot, Maeve, Shea, Jackson and Lana. Carlie did all of the painting. Well, 80% of the painting. Then she wanted to go on a play date, so I helped her with some of the embellishment. But she did do 100% of the design work.
This one is my favorite fairy. If anyone is interested in fairy making directions, let me know. They are easy, cute and fun for kids to make.
All six houses. I think they look swell (can you tell I've been watching Mad Men?).
Best part? I bought these bird houses at Dollar Tree for, you got it, $1 each. Got to love that.

I posted photos of all of them on Flickr. Hopefully this will link to it. Click here.

Now that the crafty part is done, she is going to write a story about fairies and wish houses. The jist of the project is, you write your wishes on a little piece of paper and put it in the fairy house. How sweet is that?


Anna See said...

Wow! You are the queen of crafts today! No good ideas for boyish fairy names. Will ponder that.

Victoria said...

It's a bit of a mouthful but you could call it a 'Ghillie Dhu' (pronounced gill-ie doo) House, A ghillie dhu is a scottish fairy guardian of trees, clothed in leaves and moss.

Or I guess you could go for an elf house?

stephanie (bad mom) said...

My son has never had a problem with calling his a fairy house (it's paper and not nearly as fantastic as your creations), but I love the "Ghillie Dhu" idea.

Swell indeed.