Monday, December 22, 2008

Weekend Review

We've got snow. If I weren't snuggly warm under the covers, I'd go down and grab my camera and show you the snow. Our precise measuring technique indicates over a foot of snow on the ground in my yard. This was precisely measured by poking a stick that was about a foot long down into the snow until it hit the ground.

Saturday was spent doing a whole bunch of nothing -- other than making fairy houses -- until it was time to party like it's 1999 at a birthday bash for a great friend. Good food, the awesomest friends in the world, the wine was flowing, the house was cozy warm and the child was on a sleepover. What more can you want on a snowy Saturday night?

Sunday morning came early, and my aching head wanted to sleep it off, but that kid on the sleepover? Yeah, she was singing in the choir at mass and had to be met there and brought home. I gave some serious thought to sneaking into the back of the church for the last five minutes of mass and pretending like I had been there the whole time and, wow, you did a great job up there, honey. But my conscience got the best of me, so at 10:40 we decided to warm up the car and make the 10-minute drive to church.

And then we saw the car under, like, four inches of SOLID ICE and it took half an hour to dig it out. Seriously. It was crazy. And the 10-minute drive was a little dicey. But the good news (not so much) is that my husband is from Chicago. He is all about driving in snow and ice. And he loves to show off his mad snow and ice driving skills. Which he did on the drive home from church in an empty parking lot. Carlie and I screamed our heads off until he got back on the road and brought us home. Why do men think doing donuts is fun? I don't get it.

We hunkered down for the snow day and everyone read books, watched movies, ate cookies and was generally cozy. I finished knitting two hats. Carlie and I finished making her Teen Beat crafty gifts for her friends and Tim and I watched a couple of hour of Mad Men.  All was well until CABIN FEVER set in at an alarming rate. The snow was still falling, the roads were covered, and at 5 pm we bundled up and took a walk to Mint Tea for a tasty treat and a break from the house. The poor Mint Tea people were scheduled to have a rocking Grand Opening in their new location yesterday, and pretty much all they got was us. Mint Tea and Walgreens were the only things open on Main Street, and oh how happy we were to have them open!

Trudged home, defrosted and played an epic game of Monopoly that lasted approximately 17 hours. Good times! After Carlie went to bed, we watched yet another episode of Mad Men, which puts us at six episodes watched in a 24-hour period. That could be indicative of a problem.

Now it's Monday, and from the looks outside, it's going to be more of the same. Only problem is: we're almost out of cookies. Crap.


HB said...

Your snow weekend sounds much more pleasant than mine. I just spoke to Hubby & it looks like our well may have a leak somewhere... I am so depressed I can't stand it.

katydidnot said...

my brother used to do doughnuts in the high school parking lot when he'd drop me off at school. i was mortified.