Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Not Fair

It's 5:30 a.m. and my weather widget says it's snowing, but a look out of my window says, PSYCHE, nuh-uh.

And the weather channel says Severe Weather Alert, but the school district web site says, PSYCHE, business as usual.

And my calendar says "violin lesson 7:20 a.m." and myself says, woe is me because I do not want to haul my cozy ass out of this bed.

My calendar also says "fasting blood work 9:30 a.m." because, crap, I forgot that I have high cholesterol and was supposed to be taking a pill for that and, yeah, well, I haven't been doing that, not so much.

Explain this to me: I lost 45 lb, started running 10-15 miles per week and THEN developed high cholesterol. Is this some kind of cosmic joke? That -- along with yet another UnSnow day -- has me thinking I'm on the wrong end of some karmic justice lately. In the words of my kids... "what? what did I do?"


LarryG said...

I just made an initial post, and tried to make a couple more posts, that did not go through to the mobile blog. Not sure my problem.
Thanks for stopping by.
Keep me posted on how your mobile blogging efforts go. I will let you know about mine.

krista said...

Why Lord, Why?!?!

Amy said...

They finally canceled school at 7:30 this morning after being delayed. It looks like we'll get snow afterall! We have a little white stuff on the ground...