Friday, December 19, 2008

One of those days...

It's been crazy. Thank God we have heat once again. The good news: there was just some kind of loose connection in the furnace and it took 15 minutes to fix, cost $93. The bad news: I wrote the furnace guy, the friend of a friend from our church, a bad check. I was having a rough morning, grabbed the wrong checkbook and wrote a check on my business account, which is empty. But I called the guy and told him I'd come over and bring him a new check, and he said just put it in the mail and he'd tear up the other one. And he was totally joking and gracious about it and made me feel like much less of a schmoe. Thank you, good furance man, for your holiday cheer.

Tim, Carlie and I went out to lunch (pizza) and did some last minute Christmas shopping (Target) and then picked up the prescription for my cholesterol medication (Walgreens) which I am now under doctor's orders to take. And by take, she means actually put the pill in my mouth and swallow every single day for the rest of my life, as opposed to fill the prescription, put the bottle on the kitchen window sill and take one every five or six days when it occurs to me.

For some reason, this made me cry. Ridiculous, right? But I have spent this entire day feeling very sorry for myself. And this put me right over the edge. A pill. Every day. That is the stuff that old age is made of. I'm being lame, and I'm mostly over it now, but still. It sucks.

Carlie went swimming with a friend (indoor heated pool at our community center) and since I had to drop her off there, it felt very wrong to drop her off and not go to the gym. So Tim and I hit the gym. I ran 5.5 miles. I didn't want to do it, but it felt good to get it done. Know what I mean? Since I was going with my husband, it would have been rude to bring along my running partner/boyfriend, Wentworth. Not having him there did make for a sadder run time.

Now I am going to climb in bed with my secret boyfriend du jour.. Dexter. I'm almost finished with Season 2. I love Dexter. Or if Tim is planning to join me, it'll be Mad Men, Season 1, because he gets too creeped out by Dexter.

Feels like the middle of the weekend, but it's only Friday. I love that feeling.

Oh, the fireplace photo in the last post. Carlie took that with my cell phone. I was working on knitting a hat for Taylor (finished). I now have something knitted and wrapped under the tree for Tim, Erinna and Taylor. Started on a hat for Carlie this afternoon, hopefully will have it done for Christmas. No knitted stuff for Maggy and Iris because, hello, Houston.


Keetha said...

It does suck and I don't blame you for feeling upset about it.

BUT. In the whole scheme of things?Not that big of a deal.

Shana said...

I know. And knowing that it is truly not the end of the world adds to my cycle of dysfunction. Because then I feel stupid for being upset. Then I feel guilty for being upset because I know I have a kick ass life (in the grand scheme of things). And the cycle leads to a hard-to-break funky mood that tends to linger.

But the beat goes on.