Thursday, December 4, 2008

A riddle

When is it actually beneficial to have a cold with stuffed up ears?

At an elementary school band concert : ) Every kid in the beginner band got to have a solo, and at least 17 of them played Old MacDonald for said solo. AWESOME.

I saw the full dress rehearsal at 2 pm. Then the school concert at 7 pm. And I get to see the concert again when I chaperone the field trip to the Festival of Trees at the Oregon Convention Center. I am the luckiest mom EVER.

When we got home from the elementary school band concert, my 20-year-old son and his "band" were "jamming" in my basement. I would describe that, but words fail me. The best part was when the music ceased and I went downstairs to see what they were doing (because I am nosey like that) and find my son elbow deep up some other kids nostrils, helping him adjust his nose ring.



stephanie (bad mom) said...

Wow, there's a dilemma you don't hear about often: Would I rather hear my 20-year old's garage band or see him adjusting a friend's nose ring?



My Name Is Cat said...

Oh, I think I have you beat. Last night, I spent 11/2 hrs in a band meeting about the 4 day band trip I'm chaperoning in Chicago. On Monday I get to sit in the high school gym with all of it's lovely acoustics and comfy benches to listen to the Christmas pyrimid concert which involves 8 bands ranging from 5th grade to high school, each playing 3 songs (24 for the math challenged.)

Then on Thursday, the middle school band will have a practice concert for the Midwest festival. Then the next week we're off to 4 days of practicing and perform in icy Chicago.

I can hardly wait.

HB said...

No kids so I have no similar experience, maybe I should borrow the neighbor kids as this sounds like way too much fun!

Lee said...

Some days I am so thankful to be deaf.

Keetha said...

I just emailed you a couple of cookie recipes - let me know if what the bossy decorating ideas didn't make sense.