Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Slight Crisis of Conscience

Yesterday my crackberry died a slow and painful death. It had been twitchy for a few days, and then I lost the ability to send a text message. Then I couldn't make calls, but could receive them.

I hustled my ass to the nearest Verizon store, ready to buy a new phone. Because? Can't be without my phone. No intervention necessary. I like it this way.

The Verizon store guy could not figure out what was wrong with my phone. That's OK. Just give me a new one. NOW, please. But he didn't have another Blackberry Pearl in stock. Why? Because stupid Verizon is why. And stupid stocking of a million Blackberry Storm touch screen phones that kind of suck is why.

So I ask him if he can get me a new Pearl. And he calls around and he finds one and YAY he can have it there the next day (today) and he'll call me at noon and then I can have it and life will be good again.

But last night, I decided to talk to my main man, Mr. Google, who is probably the smartest mo fo you ever did meet. And Mr. Google said I should remove the battery and do a hard reset on my crackberry. And I did. And it worked. And my phone is not twitchy and it works.

But the Verizon store guy? He called at 4 p.m. and left a message letting me know he had a Pearl in stock for me to pick up and when did I want to come and get it? Because he knew I wanted it right away.

Now what do I do? Am I morally obligated to buy the new phone, even though I don't need it anymore? 

On the plus side: the new phone will be shiny, whereas my current phone, while it works, is no longer shiny and new. And I do love shiny and new.

On the minus side: $200 for a new phone when my phone is working fine. Actually, $100, because there is a $100 rebate. Which means IF I REMEMBER to mail in the receipt, I get $100 back. IF.

And on the it's not my fault anyway side: he said he'd call at noon, and didn't call until 4 p.m. If I really did NEEEEEED the phone as desperately as I said I did, wouldn't I have gone out at 12:01 and hit another Verizon store? Did he expect me to just wait around forever for him to call me? Who the hell does this guy think he is, anyway? Do I have nothing better to do?

So isn't this pretty much all the Verizon guy's own fault anyway? Seriously. If he had had the phone in stock last night when I NEEEEEDED it, I would have bought it and that would have been the end of that.

But? Shiny.

PS: I would love to have a hot iPhone boyfriend, but my soul has been sold to Verizon, no take backs. 


Anonymous said...

Pfft, don't buy it. After all, there's no point in wasting your money. I'm sure their bank balance will get over it.

HB said...

Wow - I love me the new & shiny too but think I'd just tell them you fixed your dull & old. Maybe you can call the store when different guy is working, then new guy really won't care too much.

chacha said...

I wouldn't buy it. I would explain how you fixed it via Google research - that you only asked him to order it because he couldn't fix it and you figured that was it for your phone.

Don't waste $100! Sorry. It's my inner El Cheap-o talking.

Kathy said...

be honest..tell the dude its your work phone and when you didn't hear from him you had to find a solution on your own. I assure you they will find another buyer for said phone.

Kathy said...

sure you can link to me! Yes, please continue the "grace"...it is what the creator of the project had in mind. Here's the link to her site where you can grab a spiffy badge:-)

Shana said...

Jeez, you guys have put a total buzz kill on my secret happiness of getting new and shiny for no good reason with all of your frugality blah blah blah and wasting money etc. etc. etc.

But thanks.

missburrows said...

You aren't obligated to buy it.

If you really need to spend that $100 go get a massage and make yourself all shiny and new!

Shana said...

UPDATE: followed HB's advice, called the Verizon store when my sales guy was not there, told the guy who answered the phone that I didn't need the Pearl after all and he was all, like, whatever. So there! $100 saved, but nothing shiny and new for me tonight.

Contessa Kris said...

Hey, if you're desperate for something shiny and new, you were going to spend the $100 anyway, go find something shiny and new in a jewelry store, just for you! hehe Maybe some cell phone bling. *wink*

Happy New Year friend!