Wednesday, December 31, 2008


In my quest for something "new" to do in 2009, I signed up for 365 Days on flickr. Now I am stealing an idea that I learned about from my friend karismar, though the challenge originated here. (Thanks, Schmutzie, for the cool badge and challenge.)

Grace in small things. Being thankful for what we have. Appreciation. Positive thinking. Gratitude. This is stuff that I need to work on in 2009. Like, big time.

By nature, my glass is ALWAYS half empty. And the stuff in the glass? Yeah, probably backwash from one of my kids drinking out of my glass. This has always been my attitude. 

I have these days of great appreciation for everything in my life, and feel lucky and blessed and thankful for the life I live. But those days are outnumbered by the days that I spend stressing over what we don't have, perceived unmet needs and pining for things that I don't need at all but still covet just the same.

So two challenges for me in 2009: finding grace every day and looking at myself every day, hopefully with kindness and less criticism.

My resolutions are still in the formative stage. I made resolutions in 2008 and actually stuck with them and good things resulted. I lost 45 pounds (and have kept it off) and started running (and have kept it up). So I am on the resolution bandwagon. 

So. Resolutions. And Champagne. Lots of Champagne. That's my plan for this New Year's Eve.



My Name Is Cat said...

Have a happy New Year's, Shana and good luck on that photo project.

Kathy said...

I think we're going to find our own dark corner somewhere tonight...cheers.

Amy said...

That is Powerful stuff there! I look forward to following you on your journey.

Which sounds alot better than, "I'll be watching you because I'm your stalker...."

And...I might be able to come out and play for a while this weekend!

stephanie (bad mom) said...

Cheers, indeed. Congrats on what you've done, and what you are committed to doing :D

See you Saturday? We can begin appreciating finer things together!