Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Stool Samples and Tea Parties all in one day!

I had a doctor's appointment this morning. My cholesterol is 10 POINTS UP since I started taking steps to lower it. I don't even want to go there right now, but I'll share the great MD visit stories later. I'll just give you a little teaser of the fun yet to come, though... do it yourself stool sample kit! Merry Christmas to me!

Driving home, I had a short list for Target. Cat liter, tights for Carlie to wear to school tomorrow, candy for Christmas stockings, warm fleece gloves for a boy and a festive umbrella for a girl. That's it. Easy. On the way to Target, I drove past Kmart. The parking lot was EMPTY. Seriously. Like five cars. I thought what the hell, I'll just get my short list of items at Kmart. The scuzziest Kmart store in America, which I never, ever go to. Yeah, I'll just go in there.
I walked in, grabbed a cart, walked about six feet, abandoned the cart and left. The place is just plain gross. So... big fat Christmas shopping fail. Oh well.

Also went to Trader Joe's today to buy three boxes of Candy Cane Joe Joe's for Carlie to take to school tomorrow. Tomorrow is her birthday celebration at school since her birthday is over the break. If you have not had TJ's Candy Cane Joe Joe's, you need to go buy a box NOW. Seriously. It's like an oreo, but the cream filling is soft and smushy and filled with broken bits of candy cane.
While I was there, I stocked up on supplies in case we get snowed in. And by supplies I mean two bottles of Prosecco, two kinds of hummus, chips and salsa and cookies. After I got home, it occured to me that I probably should have gotten stuff like bread, eggs and milk. Oh well. Maybe next time.
Final adventure for the day: when I picked Carlie up at 1 pm thanks to our school's two-hour early release today, we headed north into a glorious winter wonderland for a tea party. I wish I had taken my camera, or that I could find a snowy picture online. But we were to here...We had cucumber sandwiches, scones, gingerbread (just to name a few of the treats!) and delicious vanilla black tea. It was a lovely afternoon in a beautiful setting with one of my favorite friends and her girls. The snow was gorgeous and the girls had a blast playing in it, which meant loading into the car with four SOAKING WET and freezing cold girls for a 40-minute drive home. They survived it, though.
So many adventures, so little time.


Lee said...

I love it! You only got the important stuff at the grocery store.

Kathy said...

let's talk...your blood sugar levels/glucose play a significant role in cholesterol. Try a high protein/fiber diet and see what it does.

HB said...

Oatmeal my friend - according to all the adds I see on Tv you'll lower that cholesterol!
Wish I could buy wine in the grocery store - CT has some WTF laws and we can only buy wine in a package store, only open until 8 (or a few places 9 that I have on my radar) at night and not open at all on Sundays.Now you can buy wine at a vineyard on Sundays becuase it's a "farm product" and what...... not wine anymore?

Nap Warden said...

How good are Candy Cane Jo Jo's?!? I love them...I must go eat one now...

missburrows said...

The Kmart near the mall is icky. Glad you retreated.