Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ta Da

Met for lunch with my knitty friends and finished two of my projects. The first is the aviator style hat with earflaps for Erinna. This was super easy and fast, so if anyone wants the pattern, let me know. I started out using a free pattern online, but then adapted it a little, then adapted it a lot. Because I like things to be easy is why.
And I also finished this scarf, made with Noro, which is so divine. It is SUPER SUPER long. I think this is going to go to my sister-in-law for Christmas. We drew names in Tim's family, with the caveat of no store-bought gifts. Thank God I drew the name of someone who appreciates knitted goods : )

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HB said...

I would love the pattern for the hat - I may make it for myself AFTER Christmas, when I finish the quilt for my friends (that won't get done for Christmas) finish the hat for Hubby (who I am not talking to). My LYS is having a 40% off everything New Year's Day sale - this might be the pattern I go in with - if it's easy.