Monday, December 15, 2008

Taking Back Sunday

It was brought to my attention twice today by two separate people (aka my groupies, my peeps, my fans) that, OMG, I didn't post anything on Sunday. And by groupies/peeps/fans, I mean one of my BFs and one relative. So here's what I was doing Sunday that kept me from my blog.

I stayed in bed until about a quarter past ridiculously late o'clock making out with these guys... wherein making out means watching their videos on Funny or Die over and over and over again. If you do not know Bret and Jermaine, aka Flight of the Conchords, you need to go to you tube RIGHT NOW and search for "Business Time." You will thank me, I promise.
Whilst laying in bed with my boys, I started to knit this hat...
... for Erinna. Except I am using this yarn.
And so far, it looks like this. Yeah, not so much knitting commenced. But that's okay, because I have a knitting lunch date tomorrow to finish up Christmas gifts... wherein "knitting lunch date" means drink wine in the middle of the day with my friends and "finish up" is a big fat joke/lie.At some point during the day I remembered that, holy shit, I defrosted all of my frozen Thanksgiving turkey because, holy shit, I need to make turkey gumbo to feed fifty people on Christmas Eve. 50, as in call the fire marshall to my party because we are gonna burn this mutha down.

So I made a roux with TWO POUNDS of butter. Two pounds of butter. Just let that sink in for a minute. I stirred until my shoulders ached. Literally. It takes a long effing time to make that much roux. 
And this year I am trying something new... wherein trying something new means I was too lazy to finish making the freaking gumbo, so I made a "gumbo concentrate." I cooked everything but the turkey stock, creating a really thick pasty kind of stuff. FIVE GALLONS OF IT TO BE EXACT.  

Which is now packaged up like this...
... and in the freezer. The plan being, on Party Eve, it comes out of the freezer to thaw for the day and on Christmas Eve it goes into the GIANT ASS pot with five gallons of turkey stock and, voila, gumbo. If this "gumbo helper" experiment is a success, I'll let you know. And if it is a failure, well, screw me, I'll have a houseful of people with nothing to eat.

So that's what I did Sunday. Along with going to the gym and running 4.5 miles on the treadmill because it was FREEZING outside and no way was I (1) going on my scheduled seven mile run in the FREEZE or (2) running seven miles on the treadmill because, hello, boring.

Viva la Sunday.


HB said...

I'll bet your gumbo turns out awesome! We are going to a friend's house for tortelinni soup & chocolate mousse - a family tradition of theirs. My family meal tradition for Christamas Eve used to be luetefisk & bolied potatoes with lost of melted butter ( which I like but no one outside of Minnesota or Norway likes it).

Keetha said...

Wow, girl. That is some heaping mess of gumbo. Let us know how that all works out.

That is a hella lot of roux.