Saturday, January 3, 2009

and it just keeps getting better

Got home from the funeral to find my brother-in-law and two nieces waiting for us. Surprise! Six year old niece commented, wow, Aunt Shana, your floor is really dirty. Thanks : )

Carlie had a choir performance at 6 pm, caroling after 5 pm mass, to make up for a cancelled performance that got the kabosh due to bad weather. Why not just cancel it? Why reschedule? Christmas is over, sorry.

Anyway, she had to be there at 5 pm, so I went to mass from 5-6 pm then stayed for the choir performance, which turned out to be AN HOUR AND A HALF LONG and her group sang TWO SONGS.

Now I am home at 8:06, hitting my computer before Miss Burrows picks me up at 8:15 pm for Happy Hour. At 8:16 I'll be happy. At 8:45, I'll be even happier when I see the beautiful faces of Mama Milton, Bad Mom, Syma Says and Mrs. Forrest.

Oh, and I ALMOST FORGOT the part where a friend came over at 4:30 to drop off clothes for her kid to go to the choir performance with me, and backed out of my driveway and into my neighbor's car. Wouldn't want to forget that on the list of things that happened today. Oy vey.

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deenie said...

Shana, sounds like the day from hell. Hope the drinks were flowing nicely at 8:20.