Saturday, January 3, 2009


This is being sent from my cell in the funeral home parking lot, so pardon the typos.

All of these things happened at the same EXACT time this morning, said time being 5 minutes before we needed to leave the house.

Carlie outgrew her basketball shirt and shorts, and needed to be dropped at her coach's house for a ride to her game while we are at the funeral. Now we need to go to Target.

Tim lost a button on his only dark dress shirt, which now needs to be sewn on.

The cat peed on the floor right in front of my fucking face with no remorse whatsoever.

I got a brush stuck in Carlie's tangled mane of hair, like STUCK as in evermore shall she have a brush stuck in her hair. Probably caused by the jerking movement of my body responding to the cat peeing on the floor right in front of my fucking face with no remorse whatsoever.

Are we having fun yet?


Contessa Kris said...

Oh, are we having fun yet today?! My goodness, your day is not going well. May it only get better.

I like your gift from Santa. DH got running gear for Christmas as well. We are off to Disneyworld in 6 days. He is running the Marathon through the parks there. It should be interesting, if he doesn't keel over. lol

Kathy said...

unfucking believable... you poor thing, I'm sorry. big hug(((())))

katydidnot said...

oh, that's all kinds of a bad day.

here's hoping for less tangles, fewer funerals and no cat pee.

stephanie (bad mom) said...

Deep breaths (actually, the typo I just corrected said "Depp breaths" which might be just as effective...). Wow, sorry to hear all that.

By the way, we discovered that our f*cking cat peed behind our tree last week also; there must be something in the cat air.

HAPPY HOUR in 3.5 hours!