Sunday, January 11, 2009

Basketball Diairies

Carlie is playing fourth grade girls basketball through CYO. Have I mentioned that Carlie is smaller than the average bear? As in, she comes up to the shoulder of most of her classmates. 

She is a dwarf on the basketball court.

Her skill level is minimal and her interest level is basketball is even less. She joined the team because she has a friend from another school, Lilly, on the team, and if she doesn't play basketball, she doesn't see Lilly as much as she would like to. Good reason to join a team, I know, but that's how she rolls.

That being said, she plays with gusto. She plays like someone who actually gives a shit, though if you ask her about basketball, she kind of doesn't give a shit.

And her team kind of sucks. As in lost every game last year. By at least 20 points. And as a reward for that, we were accidentally moved up a level. So this year? We're in trouble.

And some of the parents? Holy crap, are they bent over this. Seriously. But, I mean, come on, they're little girls playing basketball. How bent does anyone need to get over this regardless of the circumstances? And, honestly, because of the kind of sucking thing, it's not like they would be kicking ass if they were moved down a level. Though it might be nice to lose by, say, 5 or 10 points as opposed to 25 or 30. But in the grand scheme of things, BFD. That's my attitude.

Yesterday was the second game of the season. We lost, as we did the first game, by a margin of greater than 20 points. It's kind of disheartening for the girls. But I'll give them this: they played their little hearts out. It was fun to watch. And for the first time EVER, meaning these two games plus all of last season, we finished the game with (1) no tears (2) no injuries (3) no fake injuries and (4) no dramatic falls to the ground. Progress.

Video is of a rousing game of hot potato, I mean keep away, I mean basketball. Carlie is No. 1 on the white team. Check her mad skillz.


My Name Is Cat said...

I'm so glad there were no fake injuries - those are the worst.

Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

Does Lilly have a sister named Ana and a little brother and sister?

Just curious. I might know her.

In a non-stalking capacity...

Kathy said...

she's adorable! And those parents who care that much about kids sports need to get a freakin clue!!