Saturday, January 10, 2009

Because you care...

I am currently reading this book for review. Click here to learn more about the book and the author's blog tour, which I think is a really cool idea, and to get the date of my review.

My "literary" taste tends to run more towards the James Patterson genre of books. Oh, and vampires. Especially sparkly vampires. But to the horror of my family, on occasion I have been known to dabble in self-improvement (i.e. become obsessed with self-help books and vow to change my life, only to become distracted by a sparkly vampire story and forget what I was doing. Where was I going with this?)

Oh, yeah, self-improvement. Though I've just started reading The Vigorous Mind, I can tell you that it's not some new-agey self-help book. What I am taking from it so far is that the more you "dabble," as in trying new things outside of your normal focus, the better. And I do love me some dabbling. And I love the idea that to try something and then put it down and try something else is A GOOD THING and not a lack of follow through. It's actually cross-training your brain, and ultimately having vast and broad experiences will help you be better at the things you do.

But this is not my book review, because I just started reading the book. So I'll shut up about it now. But I'm excited about this book and wanted to share.


Also, on an unrelated note, if anyone is still reading... I need five people to please follow me today. Because my "followers" icons? Are at an odd number that makes the rows all wonky, and you know how that fucks with me. And no, I don't realllllly have OCD. Just a couple of OCD tendencies. Which is totally not the same thing. But thanks for asking. You know who you are.

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