Friday, January 9, 2009

Grace/365 Days

Little Miss Muffett... yes, that is a giant spider descending upon my head.
These red lights have hung in my dining room window seat since February 2006, when my friends and kids decorated the house for my big 40th birthday party, which was a dance off fiesta bash complete with a BAND in my LIVING ROOM and oysters. Lots of oysters. And shot drinks. Lots of shot drinks. It was the bomb diggity of parties, but I digress. The lights? They're still up. They provide excellent mood lighting for the dining room. Oh, and I just remembered that my camera has a timer, which adds a whole new element to the self portrait. You're welcome. Oh, and the window seat is where we display Carlie's object d'art d'jour. Sometimes d'jour becomes forever, hence the spider from Halloween still hanging there well after Christmas.

Day 9... I am grateful for:

1. Happy Hour

2. Red lights, not for Christmas but just because

3. Friends to laugh with

4. Mac & Jack Amber Ale

5. Banana Toffee Tort


Barrie said...

That sounds like quite the party!!

Barrie said...

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I think you actually do want to "commit" to the monthly book review. :) Kidding, kidding. I won't include you unless you give me the head's up.