Monday, January 12, 2009

Punky Girl Update

Yep, she's all better. Go figure.

To celebrate, I let her go on a bike ride while I went for a run. We went a mile and a half and my shins were killing me. Runners? Help! I have new shoes (Sauconys, bought 1/2/09) and have broken them in pretty well (ran seven miles in them Saturday with no issues). But today? 1.5 miles and I feared I might never walk again. Shooting pain straight up the front of my legs, from the ankles to the knees. 

Dr. Internet, I need a diagnosis, STAT.

In addition to being miraculously healed of her stomach bug, Carlie has decided to become a vegetarian. This is the child who lives on lunchables. So this should be interesting. Did I mention she hates all vegetables? Yeah. Like I said, it'll be interesting.

I have 100 pages of proofreading to do and no interest at all in doing it. This could be a problem.


Lee said...

Where did you get your shoes? I have been going to Pace Setter Athletic since high school, and they KNOW their stuff when it comes to running shoes. They watch you run in your old pair, then watch you run with each pair you try on. The shoes I have now? I LOVE them. Could be that you are just really sore from running 7 miles, or could be that the shoes are not supporting you in the right place.

HB said...

It might be from the switch of running on the treadmill to runing again outside - even if it's flat. I agree with going to the running store & having them help you out. It sucks to get hurt - you'll lose all your momentum and have to start over which realy really really sucks.
How's that for cheery help? What can I say - i was at the gym at 6:00 AM and am a little tired.
Good shoes - a must when you run.That being said, I watched the original Rocky & that boy ran in flat, no support, flat high top Chuck Taylor Converse shoes and he almost won his fight.

Kathy said...