Monday, January 12, 2009

Grace/365 Days

I was all geared up for a 3-mile run after dropping Carlie off at school, but Carlie never got dropped off at school. After it was determined that she was not going to die, I went for a 1.5 mile run. And I was all "ow ow ow my legs". WTF?

Day 12 of 365 Days of Grace.
I am grateful for:
1. Son cooking dinner tonight

2. Daughter not sick with disgusting vomity bug

3. The return of "24" (I know, I am lame, so sue me)

4. A cozy sweater on a gray day

5. Beautiful yarns to knit


Keetha said...

What's son cooking?

Re: the daughter - she sounds like a girl after my own heart. More time than I care to admit, I gave myself mental health days off from school, 'cuz you know, high school is like, so hard (actually, it really is when you think about it in retrospect), and would claim a vague sinus headache.

Now I suffer sinus headaches for real. Karma.

Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

Better yet: A *decent* start to 24. It had started to fade, I thought. I love me some Jack Bauer.