Wednesday, February 18, 2009

check in

After paying $30 to check our one bag each, we got in the longest security line I have ever seen. Now we are on the plane, each in a middle seat, not together, and someone neazr me is wearing a shit ton of perfume which is triggering a headache. Asshole.

Are we there yet?


Jen on the Edge said...

Argh! I feel your pain.

The worst security line I ever stood in was at Dulles Airport on a very hot June day. As we got nearer the point where people were taking off their shoes, I thought I was going to heave. It got worse and worse and I wondered what kind of full body search I'd have to endure just for vomiting in the security line.

Have a good trip!

bernthis said...

I work in a hospital and we are told to never wear perfume for the obvious reasons. Same goes for airplanes and in my opinion, movie theatres. If the guy two seats away can smell it, YOU'RE TOO SMELLY.

Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

Won't be long, birthday girl. Hope this is just a hiccup start to an amazing trip.