Friday, February 6, 2009

High Rollers

WTF? I swear, I do not have a black eye.

We've arrived. We are at the Spirit Mountain Casino for our overnight getaway. How does one go from being broke to being on vacation, you might ask. We have a free room for the night, $100 gift card for the restaurant and $100 voucher for the casino. We did have to fill the tank for the drive down and Tim bought the Styx concert tickets for tonight. But all in all, a pretty free vacation.

And do you like how I am kicking it off? Within 13 minutes of being checked into our room, Tim had already ditched me to go play blackjack. I hung back to freshen up, which is code for poop, and five minutes later, oops, I was on Facebook. And then my blog. We agreed to meet at the blackjack table in half an hour, so I can spend that half hour however I want to, right?

The camera on my broken phone had been acting up, but now with my new free phone I am able to mobile blog again. And from what I have seen so far, there should be some pretty interesting people to snap a few good shots of (is that illegal?). But how bad would I feel if I took a picture of some gnarley casino regular getting his/her game on, and posted it with a snarky comment and then found out it was, like, your uncle's wife? That would suck. I'll make sure the innocent are protected (meaning me).

On the oh crap front, I feel a sinus infection coming on. Which may explain somewhat my three week long headache. Because my headache? Has now become a face ache. And I am flying across the country in less than two weeks. Can anyone score me a free Z-pack?

Last thing. I forgot to mail the give-away prizes before I left town (sorry!). So assuming my 20 year old staying home alone son doesn't consume all of the alcohol in the house, I'll mail them out Monday!

Time to hit the casino. Let the mobile blogging begin. I mean gaming. I mean romantic weekend. Either/Or.

UPDATE: Tim just came back to the room to change out of his sweatshirt because it's warm in the casino. And looks at me, like, where are my clothes. Dude, I did not pack your freaking clothes, you are a grown man. And under the sweatshirt? A tee shirt. With a hole. And he has brought NOTHING with him. No other clothes. NOTHING but his laptop. WTF?


Lee said...

Guess your free vacation just got a little more expensive because I assume the husband now has to hit the gift shop for a decent shirt. It makes me laugh that he assumed you'd pack for him.

Amy *aka willa* said...

LOL!!! You are such an addict!!!

Tim! Who needs clothes man! Get your holey t-shirt ass back to the tables!!

Anna Whiston-Donaldson said...

you better buy that man a shirt. and never let him live it down.

facebook is stealing my life.

Kathy said...

I love Spirit Mountain. I haven't been in a while. Have a great time!!

There are interesting people to watch, isn't there?

Cat said...

Yankee is a professional traveler so his packing is 100% better than mine. I'd be the one with the holey tee shirt.

Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

You need those meds, ASAP. Flying with a sinus infection can be ghastly.