Sunday, February 15, 2009

More Movie Madness

Since I've seen every other movie in the last three days, I decided to go for four and Tim, Carlie and I saw Coraline. Carlie thought it was scary, but she also thinks that the way the cats look at her lately is scary. So she's not much of a good judge of scare factor these days. I thought it was expensive. After paying $31.50 for two adults and one child MATINEE, I couldn't wrap my head around anything else.
Today was supposed to be my nine mile run. But it was rainy this morning. And said it would rain all day long. And Pants on fire. Because it is gorgeous and sunshiney and perfect for a long run, but I am full of movies and ice cream and a mushroom/asparagus fritata and so my run will commence tomorrow. Which sucks. But whatever. Hopefully the weather will be good. I have mapped out a 5.5 mile route to the Water Resource Center, and then a straight run home of four miles, which gives me half a mile for a cool down walk.
Now, about that fritata. Holy hell. It was good. Asparagus, mushroom, sliced red pepper, colby jack cheese and feta cheese. We went to Newport Bay, which is blah, but we had a gift card that needed using. That was before the movie. After the movie, we went to Coldstone with a two for one coupon. So besides the overspend at Cinetopia, we were on discount bargain mode all day long.
And just FYI. I love Cinetopia. Love it. But charging an extra $2 per ticket because it is 3D is NOT COOL. Especially if you don't post that increased price on your website. In fact, more than not cool, it's actually bullshit and had I not had a husband and kid waiting to go into a movie that started RIGHT NOW I would have raised the issue. Oh, well. Next time.
I'm so looking forward to having a no work/no school day tomorrow. Tim has to work all day, so Carlie and I are just going to chill and do laundry in preparation for packing for the big trip on Wednesday.
Happy long weekend : )


stephanie (bad mom) said...

We saw Coraline at Cinetopia yesterday for the outrageously inflated price (I was told no matinee discount because "it's in 3D." Did I get to bring home the glasses? No; where is the extra $$ going??). I thorougly loved the experience but you're right, rather galling.

Good going with the other discounts though. Happy running tomorrow! :D

Cat said...

9 miles? Oh, I wish I could run miles.

bernthis said...

oh that is such bullshit. I hate when they do that. It's just so sneaky and cheesy and criminal in a way

Fantastic Forrest said...

That fritatta sounds mighty fine. I was about to ask you for the recipe, but it sounds like it was from Newport Bay. I like their food!

Cinetopia is a major ripoff. We like the Liberty in Camas and the St. Johns in NW PDX and of course the McMenamins theatres.

Have fun running tomorrow!

Shana said...

I have gone into this post twice and edited to insert spaces between the paragraphs, and they don't show up in the post. WTF, blogger?

Janet said...

I'm so looking forward to seeing Coraline :-)