Monday, February 16, 2009

To Do List, the going on a trip edition

1. Pack for trip.
2. Wash clothes to pack for trip.
3. Buy clothes for Carlie to pack for trip, because nothing fits.
4. Get transcripts and invoices out before going on trip, which should have been done three days ago.
5. Go for a run because there will be no running on the trip, because my dad's neighborhood is too scary to run in. Not even making that up.
6. Have panic attack about upcoming birthday because, shit, I am now old.
7. Remind self that age is only a number. Forget the part about how it is a really important number.
8. Go to Facebook and look at photos of people who have aged worse than I (and then think repentant thoughts about doing this). Avoid photos of those not-even-aging-at-all bitches from high school.
9. Eat candy to make self feel better.
10. Find suitcase.


NannyGarcia said...

You need this:

chacha said...

Dude, I can't keep up with all your posting (at least not last week with my job search madness0 - you are crazy! Anyway, so cool that you are from New Orleans (as least that's what I gleaned from the gold teeth post which is so sad, and also that your dad is in a bad neighborhood, so figuring New Orleans).

Anwyay, have a good trip! We are also going away - to Houston to see friends. I plan on eating lots of cheap oysters. Woo hoo!