Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Random things that I've neglected to keep you informed of... and contest winners!

My hair, after removing the updo.

Because I know that the minutia of my life is fascinating... NOT.

Carlie is in her second week of a fake ankle injury. She's being hopping around with her foot wrapped in an Ace bandage. How do I know it is fake? Because it only bothers her during PE and basketball practice, but not during spastically running around the house and choreographing her wicked dance moves for that show she is constantly putting on in her head. Also? Many ice packs have been involved.

Tim is having problems collecting money from insurance companies for clients that he sees (mental health industry) and has appointed me his enforcer, I mean collector. Can I tell you how much I love this job? Writing snarky letters and making threatening phone calls is right up my alley. And in case you didn't know: INSURANCE INDUSTRY IS A HUGE CLUSTERFUCK. I think half the rejections are total game-playing tactics to delay payment. I've also gotten to call on a few cash paying clients who didn't, um, pay their cash. Good times, people, good times. Thanks, GW, for the economy! Mu-wah!

Big date this weekend. Tim and I are driving out to the coast and spending the day Friday touring a cheese factory then Friday night going to a Styx concert. I am totally not making this up. That's our big date weekend. Cheese and 80s music. There will also be dinner and gambling at an Indian res. casino. And here's a shocker: Styx is playing at an Indian res. casino. Go figure. Domo Arigato, dude.

On the OH MY GOD NOOOOOOO front, my Blackberry is dying a slow death. The stupid little ball thing is working sometimes, not working sometimes. And it's not like a mouse on your PC, where if it doesn't work you can maneuver with arrows or whatever. When the Blackberry ball dies, you are screwed. So, I am screwed. I managed to bring it back to life last night, but it's acting up again today. So I am heading off to a Verizon store on the other side of town to score an open box but new blackberry for $20. There is a freaking Verizon store on every corner between here and there, but that's the only store with a $20 blackberry instead of a $120 blackberry, so here I come.

Also? Every Denny's near me has shut down, so I shall now be partaking of the free breakfast today. WHICH SUCKS IT. I know, it's Denny's. And Denny's? Ew. But still. FREE! But no Grand Slam for me. If you make it to Denny's for your free grand slam, let me know! Send a photo!

I don't think I mentioned that Tim and I have donated a Casino Night party as an auction item, and it sold out. So I now have 30 people heading to my house on April 25 to gamble and par-tay. We're cohosting with other friends, but it's at my house. Which means my house needs to get cleaned. We did this last year, and it was a lot of fun. Details to come soon.

What else? Oh, I ran 8.5 miles yesterday. And am not dead! At least mostly not dead. I actually ran eight then walked a half mile to cool down, but that half mile totally counts in the grand mileage scheme of things, so 8.5 it is. I need to be at 13.1 by the end of March for a half-marathon the first weekend in April. Oy vey.

And now for the contest winners. I said noon, but I have shit to do and won't be here at noon, so we're doing it on. We'll call it East Coast time, in which case I'm actually late! Sorry! I have three goody bags so I'm going to go with three winners. The number of bobby pins it took to hold the effing up do up? It was 26! And 26 was a popular guess! You guys obviously know a lot more about updos than I do, because I was guessing there were maybe a dozen of those suckers in there. But they just kept coming and coming and coming out, like clowns in a little car.

So my real life friend Kathy @ Karismar disqualified herself because she totally already knew how many bobby pins were in my hair. So the prizes are going to go to Holly @ Traveling Through Space and Time, who only guessed 20, but said she wanted to guess 26 before Kathy took that one! And to Anna See@ An Inch of Gray, who also wanted to say 26 but guessed 27, and to Becky @ Miss Priss, being the one true winner if there were only one prize with her guess of 25.

Also, the prize includes a beverage of an alcoholic nature, so if that is not your thing, tell me now and I'll swap it out with something else.

So I need a mailing address for Becky and for Anna. Please send to me at ShanaOB @ msn.com. Holly will just have to endure me in person (yay!) and I'll give Kathy a big runner-up smooch when I see her, probably today : ) Thanks for playing! This was fun. Now I'm obsessed with coming up with new games, something with as cool a name as "Guess What's In Sal's Pouch". Does anyone here listen to Howard Stern? If not, you won't know why that is funny. 

All righty, then. That's all I've got. Time to head to Verizon for my $20 phone. Ciao!


Fantastic Forrest said...

I am overcome with emotion - joy at winning this, your first giveaway. Very exciting!!! Now show me the booze, baby.

I'm also very intrigued by your new role as enforcer. I sense a book could arise from this new role. Now I know two people who have engaged in dealing with problem collections. When I was a baby, my Dad had a second job repossessing cars. Some people were not too happy when he did this. But that's a story for another day.

And I think all of us moms of little lying girls have a tale of the ice pack to share with you...

Anna See said...

oh my goodness- how nice are you to let me win even though i changed my guess?? woo hoo!

i agree about insurance. they just try to wear us down so that we just pay even when we shouldn't have too. ugh.

my word verification is: "gloator" but I won't gloat about winning!

becky said...

Woo! Thank you. I sent you an email. I say, bring on the booze!

Your hair looked great in the updo, btw.

Cat said...

Your hair looked great in the updo, but it looked even better after you let it out.

Good job on the 8.5. I wish I were with you.

HB said...

Styx - wow - I used to LOVE them! As a matter of fact Babe was "our song" for me & one of my high school romances. So when you here that, think of teenage angst/heartache. I would have guessed 26 - it takes a lot of hardware to look as good as you did : - 0 I haven't been posting much, it must be in the water.
AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME job on the 8.5 - I really beleive anything after about 6 miles is all mental anyway. Remind me of that on Feb. 22 when I run my half mary....

Keetha said...

I thought a Styx concert was the cheese factory tour. (cymbals clash)

Kidding - sounds like a fun time.

Also, I kind of think your daughter deserves some kudos. Faking an injury for two weeks takes diligence.