Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Haves and Have Nots

Tim and I went grocery shopping at Trader Joe's Saturday. Unfortunately, we did not bring with us either a list or a responsible adult. As a result, we still do not have: bread, eggs, milk, sugar, cold-cuts and other sack lunch type foods for Carlie (who brown bags it every day because her school has no cafeteria).

However, while foraging for breakfast foods this morning, I discovered that we do have: two tubs of creamy goat cheese, four bags of croutons, six opened and partially used boxes of hot cocoa mix,  eight opened and partially used salad dressings and two unopened bags of craisins.

And while not nearly as exciting as finding this in your fridge, I do have three tubs of not-butter, two completely empty and one half-full. The completely empty ones? Still in the fridge. Why? Because I do not live alone is why.

What's on your shopping list this week?

PS: We are now officially OUT OF TOILET PAPER. Shit. No pun intended.

TAX MAN UPDATE: We did pay quarterly taxes, but apparently not enough. Also being brought to my attention, I made 10k less in 2008 than I did in 2007. The fact that I was the primary caregiver for an infant might be a contributing factor.

ALSO: I contemplate divorcing every time we do taxes. And when budgeting for Christmas shopping. Twice a year near divorce moments, that's not so bad overall, is it?


Jen on the Edge said...

Milk, apples, and broccoli are always, always, always on the shopping list.

This week's additions: Easter candy (just because), bottled Starbucks Frapuccinos, and toilet paper. Because one of resident children in this house uses BIG WADS of TP every. single. time.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

I contemplate divorcing when the toilet paper roll is empty. Twice a week isn't bad, right?

Anna See said...

If it's cheese or cheese-related, it's always on the list. We are a dairy family.

Dryer lint works as tp in a pinch.

Loved linking to read about baby Iris. I have baby fever right now-- maybe I should wait until I'm a grandma?

Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

I'm with Cheri. Why oh why is TP so difficult.

HB said...

Cat food is about the only reason we ever go to the grocery store...it is a good thing I don't have kids. Otherwise it is the usual stuff and at Trader Joe's - it is too hard to be temped by all the really cool products like English toffee, marinades and all the frozen meals to stick to any list.
Keep running!!! The half mary will suck if you don't... Don't worry - I'll keep nagging

Susan said...

I get distracted at Trader Joes, too. I count on Costco trips to fill my freezer for meal makings. Right now it si breadcrumbs, romaine, Splenda brown sugar, kleenex and toilet paper because I ran out of kleenex and I have a cold.

Courtney said...

not bad at all. I agree with the taxes and would also like to include the every couple of years when we end up lost because Sam thought he knew how to get to whatever destination "in his head"...