Sunday, March 1, 2009

Not much doing around here

I prepared a delicious fajita feast. At 3 p.m. And now? I am starving. It's 8:30 p.m. Not sure what to do about that. Kind of late to eat, but kind of starving to not. Also? Gained 7 lbs while in New Orleans and no sign of it just magically going away now that I am home. Shit. And while we're sharing here, my interest in running has completely disappeared, which is not going to help with that whole 7 lb issue. Last diet related topic for the night: if I never see another Girl Scout cookie again, I'll be happy. Seriously. Tagalongs? The Devil's work.

I've started reading the Charlaine Harris Sookie Stackhouse books, the series that "True Blood" is based on. The books are pretty funny, filled with quirky southern characters and silly fun. I've read the first two so far. I think there are nine total? I've made a promise to myself that I will not get the third book until I am caught up on work. We'll see how that goes, because myself knows that my promises are kind of not worth anything.

I'm enjoying my Tivo'ed episodes of Lost, Heroes and 24. I have saved Dollhouse but haven't watched it yet. I've heard it was good, then heard it was eh-eh. Can't wait for Dancing with the Stars to start. I know how lame this makes me, but I shall wear my ballroom gilded lameness proudly.

I have no outside jobs scheduled this week, but lots of work-from-home jobs that need to get done. Also, Congress is back in session next week, so the opportunity to pick up extra work is there and I need to do it. I received ONE PAYCHECK for a total of $163 for the month of February. I have A LOT of outstanding invoices and people are not paying, which is total bullshit. Sometimes I really hate being self employed. Freelance? Sucks.

I have finally loaded all 400 +/- pictures from New Orleans onto Flickr. After doing so, I realized that I probably should have weeded them out a bit, because some are total crap. And repetitive. Oh well. And Flickr? Took FOREVER to get these things uploaded. Sheesh. I thought I had broken Flickr for a while there, but now it seems to be okay. Click here if you'd like to see all gazillion of the pictures. Please feel free to skim over the day I spent in my dad's warehouse photographing his treasures for some never-happening ebay sale.

We had a very quiet weekend. Just the way I like it. Sometimes. But too many of these in a row and I'll be whining about how boring we are. There is no pleasing me. I realize this.


Maggie May said...

i am very scared. my daughter is now officially a Brownie Scout. cookies, here i come.

Anna See said...

just polished off another box of thin mints. still have tagalongs and do-si-dos to take care of.

Rogue Scholar said...

YAY!! I am so glad you are reading the Sookie Stackhouse novels as well (are we the same person or what?!) I am up to book 6. I think they are great. And you know... Bill is kind of an ass in the books and Eric is redeeming... wonder how they are going to play that out on the show.

If you want some real entertainment, get the books on CD. It's kind of humorous to hear the lady that reads them do all the voices - in a southern accent LOL


Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

Girl Scout cookies, the bane of the Lenten season.

Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

I'm in the yay for Dollhouse category, even after having raised my expectations exceedingly high because of my Whedon worship.

Usually this kind of build up makes for the great let down.

But with every episode, I see the storyline growing. I've got high hopes...