Saturday, February 28, 2009

When good things happen to so-so people

After my cautionary tale of do-goodery gone awry, I thought I'd toss out two good things that happened this week. To me. Even though my do-good level is only so-so.

Home from New Orleans Tuesday. Back to real life Wednesday. Back to real life included work for me and school for Carlie. But Carlie? Had a tummy ache and couldn't go to school. We discovered this in the hallway of said school at drop off time when she refused to go into her classroom.

As I am exiting the school WITH A CHILD, everyone is exiting the school WITHOUT CHILDREN, because, um, it's drop off time. (ASIDE: we have no buses. Every kid gets dropped off by a parent. And most parents park and walk the kids in as opposed to using the drop off lane.) I was obviously dressed for work (as opposed to in pajama pants or sweats, which would be my not going to work drop off attire). Where was I going with this? Oh. Two separate friends, who were leaving the school KID FREE for the day, offered to take my THREATENING TO VOMIT RIGHT NOW kid home with them so I could go to work. How nice is that? Seriously? I can barely handle my own THREATENING TO VOMIT child, much less a friend's sick child. Which makes both of those moms much better and kinder human beings than I, and I am thankful that I have friends like that.

Second nice thing that happened this week. After working Wednesday and Thursday, and not unpacking yet, and delivering girl scout cookies and not buying any groceries, we were effectively OUT OF EDIBLE FOOD in this house. Thursday 5:30 p.m. I am lamenting my foodlessness via text to a friend, along the lines of "argh! nothing for dinner! shit! do not want to go to store-am in pajama pants. shit!" And that friend? Came over and dropped off enchiladas for us for dinner. Just because she is swell like that and could see that I was in dinner-distress. Plus probably because she didn't want my child to starve, because she is also a good mother.

So even though there are wife-beating freaks amongst us, there are some groovy cool people out there too. And I am so lucky that so many of them are my friends.

PS: Thanks again, Kathy, for the enchies!
PPS: Um, no, I have not yet gone to the grocery store, but I am halfway unpacked.


Cat said...

It pays to run with the 'good mom' crowd.

Fantastic Forrest said...

You are not a so-so person!

I hope Carlie's feeling better. Somehow weekends have a way of making kids magically better. Most of the time, anyway.

Anna See said...

Wow! I am blown away by this. I don't think I get close enough to people to have things like this happen. YOU DO.

Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

I knew Stephanie and Stu REALLY really liked me when they kept me around after Lexi *painted* their bathroom in the middle of the night.

It's a good sign.

And you are fab, just to clear up the confusion.