Sunday, March 22, 2009

Yes? No? Volume II

Again, I pose the question: have we ever seen these two in the same place at the same time? Because I am not seeing any real distinguishable difference between the two.
Actress Kelly Rutherford from Gossip Girl (above) and actress Elizabeth Mitchell, from Lost (below).

Really? Not the same person? We are sure of this?
Click here for Volume I.

PS: As a matter of fact, NO, I do not have anything else to do, but really, thanks for asking.


Fantastic Forrest said...

Here is something to do:

Enjoy! Mwah!

katydidnot said...

clearly they are the same. and made at mattel.

Rogue Scholar said...

Funny.... we (meaning the husband) were watching Celebrity Apprentice last night and I kept looking at the token Playmate they have on this season thinking it was Juliette from LOST. SHE IS EVERYWHERE!!!