Friday, April 3, 2009

Paperless Kitchen

When I posted the photo of my massive-insane-hoarding disorder pile of napkins, Keetha commented about using cloth instead of paper napkins in an effort to be green.

And yes, as a matter of fact, we have gone to a paperless kitchen, or at least we're working on it. I haven't bought paper towels or napkins in a long time (or much other groceries for that matter). We exhausted our supply of paper towels in February, I remember the day clearly, because I happened to have a roll of industrial towels from Carlie's school on hand, which was auction related, and the auction was 1/31... but I digress.

So we're doing this paperless kitchen thing, though I still have a few paper napkins from my Costco stash, but I've been saving them for use in the microwave, as in putting a napkin over something so it doesn't splatter or explode.

My question is: when you have no paper towels or napkins, what do you do about microwave splatter? Can I toss a cloth napkin or dish towel in over a bowl of chili that I am reheating? Because I am thinking it's going to catch fire. Not sure why I think that, but that's what comes to mind.

Does anyone know?


Cat said...

A long time ago, I bought a cheap set of plastic dishes to take on our one and only camping trip, and then we used them as the kids dishes when they were little. There is only one plate left, and it is used only to cover things in the microwave to prevent splatter. It works perfectly.

NannyGarcia said...

My dad does the plate thing too, but I prefer saran wrap.

Kathy said...

kill the microwave and re-heat in a pot. And never cook food in plastic as it leaches toxins into your food.

LStewart said...

I use wet lint free napkins or cloths to cover dishes in the microwave. I have found that using them wet will cut down greatly on staining from splatters.

Cate said...

If you want to go one step further on "paper-free", you could give up toilet paper and use cloths instead.
Actually, I'm totally messing with you. But I know people who do this!
"Green" turned gross. Get an f-ing bidet sprayer, people!

Anyhow, I just had to stop by your blog after I saw your winning comment on I'm so jealous I didn't win, but you were hilarious.
Comments like that force me to use my not-nice words.

beerab said...

There are microwavable plastic covers you can buy that you place over your food so it gets splattered and not the microwave. I bought one at a store like bed bath and beyond or something. I think it cost me like $5. If you google "microwave splatter guard/cover" they come up :)