Sunday, May 31, 2009

My So Called Life

Just a few random updates from my really boring life. Seriously? Like NOTHING going on around here. At. All.

Is it possible for the antiperspirant/deodorant that you've used for AT LEAST 20 YEARS to stop working? Because mine? Has stopped working for me. Change in formula? Change in body chemistry? I am totally flummoxed by this and need antiperspirant/deodorant recommendations STAT. TMI? Sorry.

Next pressing issue: did you know about this? 

Because I did not and now I need to get myself to a Barnes & Noble and start reading. Also? An adult who reads "graphic novels" isn't necessarily a geek, right? Right? But seriously? SEASON 8 of Buffy? I've been living for this moment.

I discovered it because I am currently reading The Book of Lies by Brad Meltzer, and there's a blurb in the back of the paperback for more Season 8 Buffy written by Brad Meltzer and Joss Whedon. I LOVE JOSS WHEDON. And usually I LOVE BRAD MELTZER, but this book? I'm going to give it a patented Carlie Belle "thumbs medium" (you know, as opposed to up or down, it's the equivalent of "eh," but in thumb language).

What else? Oh! I saw Observe and Report with Seth Rogen on Saturday. Not that I went to the movie with Seth (not that I'd be opposed to that) but you know what I mean. Anyway. HILARIOUS. And so not age appropriate for my 16-year-old daughter that I took with me. In fact, so completely the OPPOSITE OF AGE APPROPRIATE that I don't even know what I was thinking taking her to it. Well, actually, I do know what I was thinking. I was thinking that I'd rather have nails driven into my eyes than see the Hannah Montana Movie with Carlie and her friend, and Observe and Report was in the next door theatre at the same exact time and I kind of didn't know that it was as "dark" as it turned out to be. 

I can't figure out how to link the video, but here's the trailer on You Tube.

Today was my last long training run before I do a half-marathon next weekend. I ran 10 miles. Things I learned that I had not figured out before today: I can't wear sunscreen on my face if I am going to sweat like a frackin pig. I can't wear shorts that ride up my ass because, ew. Staying hydrated with electrolyte stuff as opposed to just 
water really does help! If any runners have any additional advice to throw my way before next Sunday, please do.

Tim and I are going to make a long weekend trip out of the half-marathon in Port Angeles. For starters, we're spending Friday at our place in Naselle so he can mow and do whatever man stuff he does out there. I'll be lounging and reading my Buffy comicbook -- I mean novel -- and, you know, "getting ready" for the big race. But since we'll be near the coast, we're going to road trip up to Port Angeles the long way, which takes us through FORKS and LA PUSH. And I? Am unreasonably excited in a 14-year-old girl way about this.

And yes, I already know vampires are not real. Shut up.

If you look at the map, you can see that going up the coast is not what Mapquest recommends. But Mapquest? Can suck it. Because? Sparkly vampires.

That's about all that is new and exciting in my world. I did have a funny work story about an INSANE IN THE MEMBRANE woman who had her deposition taken and is representing herself in a lawsuit, but the more I think about it, it's just kind of sad. Which I guess technically makes me mean for thinking it's funny. But seriously? She was whacked. And kind of a bitch to boot. So really, I think calling me mean is kind of harsh. Stop being so judgmental.


Kathy said...

I tried to use a "natural, aluminum free" deodorant and had to go back to my tried and true Secret. Not the fancy new stuff but the regular old solid stick in powder fresh scent. Its the only kind that I use that works the best...did I mention I hate change? Well so does my body!

Maggie May said...

I use Tom's natural scented deodorant and mostly love it- sometimes I have to stick regular deodorant on top of it, on realllly hot days.

katydidnot said...

sparkly vampires? yes, please.

and, even though i might be stealing bad mom, stephanie's thunder here, my half-marathon advice? make it a 1/60th marathon. that should help.

Fantastic Forrest said...

This is the Pacific Northwest, where women let their leg hair grow and their bodies smell natural. Just go buy a bunch of patchouli oil and you'll be fine.

Forks - town with the most "This family supported by timber dollars" signs in house windows in America. At least it was the last time we drove through....

Have fun! And when you get back, let's do brunch. But outside, so I can sit upwind of you. Heh heh.

beerab said...

That's cool- hey I'm 26 and LOVE Twilight- you don't have to be 15 to like those books I say!

Anonymous said...

It's post-destruction of Sunnydale. So there's no Spike? Wouldn't work for me.

HB said...

Go to Buenas Aries and then tell me there are no vampires. Those people don't even eat dinner until midnight.

I LOVE YOU said...