Saturday, July 25, 2009

This is me, being not at BlogHer

I've never been to BlogHer, but I'd kind of like to go. Not because I'm any big time blogger, but because some extremely cool and fun bloggers appear to be there and they? Are tearing it up. I was hoping it might be on the West Coast next year, but alas it appears the announcement has been made for New York City. Which probably = a big fat NO for me. Again. Woe.

So instead of being at BlogHer, I just found a list of blogs to visit, you know, in my nonexistent free time this weekend, when I visited the BlogHer@Home web site. Looks like a few extemely cool and fun bloggers are not there and they? Have been tearing it up. Now I'll have something to do while sitting on my ass at our Sunday Open House which no one will probably come to, again... because cruising new blogs is definitely preferable to peeking thru the curtains and pondering the fate of my family living in this house for the rest of our lives.

To celebrate BlogHer@Home (okay, not really), I went salsa dancing last night. That's not me in the picture, but I pretty much looked exactly like that. Oh yes, I did. The dancing got off to a rocky start (venue change, new venue = no wine, followed by a liquor store run), but once it got going, it was a good time. And yes, Tim and I were dancing... but yes, it was Carlie's "class" party. Wherein her "class" is a group of love-to-party adults of various ages and she is the only child affiliated with the dance studio and, no, we don't let her drink wine at the parties, but she loves going to dance with everyone outside of regular class time.

We're going to another party tonight (at a vineyard! with a BBQ! and a band! and more dancing!) (oh, and only adults!), so I think a day of rest and lounging is in order. To that end, I'm headed over to a friend's new condo pool with a bottle of bubbly and a big hat and my SPF 900 and we? Are going to get our summer on. But not too much. Because? Vineyard BBQ tonight with pretty much all of my best friends in the world. Or at least in the 'Couv. Well, not all of them. But it's going to be fun. Just the thing to help avoid the impending onset of pre-open-house depression. Because? It's been TWO FRIGGIN' WEEKS and no one has bought my house yet. How lame is that?

UPDATE: Why the hell is the middle of the post double spaced?

UPDATE 2: Why the hell am I sitting on the couch in my underwear blogging when I need to clean my house for the Open House tomorrow?

UPDATE 3: Does the cleanliness of my house *really* translate into a faster sale? Because it's been pretty damned clean for the last two weeks and yet? No offers.


Jen on the Edge said...

I'm not at BlogHer either and I honestly can't decide if I'm relieved or feel left out. Since it's actually going to be on the East Coast next year, I could conceivably attend.

Anna See said...

just don't forget about your old blog friends as you visit all those jazzy new sites!

katydidnot said...

ponytail karma? you haz it.

it means good things for your open house i think.

also? i'm not at blogher either. just saying.

OneTiredEma said...

OMFG BlogHer is coming to the city from which I am moving in 9 days?!
(And also, I am so not a big time blogger, but I would love to just be a fly on the freaking wall at this thing. And when people question my cred, I can say that I know Moxie, who is a big time blogger.)

Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

I think this is the first year I am not acutely aware of BlogHer since I started in 2006.

Is this burnout or what?

I'm happier with our Happy Hour group anyway, truth be told.

stephanie (bad mom) said...

Having experienced BlogHer when it was on the west coast once upon a time, I have to say it was not the bag of chips I'd hoped - HOWEVER, I'm thinking if the Happy Hour Homegirls and the San Diego Bloggy B*s create a caravan, NYC will be nuclear next year.

I am going RIGHT NOW to make plans.

Anne said...

Just stopping by from the BLogHer@Home blog trip.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

You look very pretty not at BlogHer. I didn't go to BlogHer AND I didn't look as pretty as you not at BlogHer.