Saturday, July 4, 2009

What holiday?

Because babies love fireworks? WTF?

I shall celebrate the Fourth of July by exercising my inalienable right to whine and complain. Because that's what our Founding Fathers would want.

I cannot breath through my nose. Still. Coffee + sudaphed = breakfast. And still, no.

I have boxes in my basement that have not been "sorted" since we moved into our house in 1998. That is all kinds of sad, pathetic and wrong. Not to mention lazy. And as soon as I get my ass out of bed, I'm going to tackle them.

My townhouse shopping obsession has been challenged by my new obsession, which is shopping online for floating homes. Because floating homes? Are the shizzle. 

Last year we rode our bikes down to the river to watch the fireworks and decided to start a wonderful new family tradition. This year? Fireworks display was cancelled due to budget cuts. Can I still blame George Bush for this? 

I live in an awesome neighborhood on a great block. The only exception being there are two small rental bungalows across the street. They are generally well-maintained and inhabited by quiet, small families, because they're tiny. Less than 1000 square feet, one bathroom. But lately? Small and quiet? Not so much. One is currently occupied by a heavy-metal loving hard-partying brother/sister team who have weekend custody of a child belonging to one of them. The other is currently occupied for a 2-parent 2-child family who like to BBQ in the front yard and now have another 6-8 people living with them, mostly in the front yard. Also? Both households are FUCKING BATSHIT CRAZY with the fireworks, going at it DAY AND NIGHT for I swear at least the last two weeks. 

Also? A nice neighbor who lives across the alley from me painted her house this week. LIME GREEN. Not an attractive exterior look.

Every time I get lazy/complacent/slacky on my clean/sort/pack mission, the universe sends me a little reminder to get my ass in gear.

Wishing you a blown-up-limb-free Fourth of July!

PS: Dear June, how should I punctuate blown-up-limb-free to in the context of "I hope you don't blow up any of your limbs"?


Keetha said...

You have to post a picture of the funky lime green house.

Good luck with the purging and packing and moving.

Happy Fourth! (What is up with that toddler and firecracker thing?? That is whack.)

Anonymous said...

You COULD paint your house bright pink...... ;)

Anonymous said...

You punctuated it perfectly! I celebrate YOU today.