Thursday, July 2, 2009

You've got mail... but it's not from me!

In the last 24 hours, I have received approximately eleventeen thousand "postmaster delivery failure" emails saying that my mail was "unable to be delivered." The problem? The emails going out from me were selling discount pharmaceuticals. Which, hello, if I had access to discount pharmaceuticals, I would certainly be keeping them all for myself.

Alas, I had to face the fact that my email account had been hacked.

Which means? I had to change my password. Which means? I am now in the midst of anxiety freakoutedness. Because I have the same password on EVERYTHING and NEVER change it and, oh, yeah, I HATE DEVIATING FROM MY NORM.

Also on the continuum of things that suck: tomorrow is "big chore day" around here. I also do not heart "big chores." Hopefully this weekend will mark THE END of Project Declutter and the beginning of "Staging." Also? I like to say "staging." Makes me feel like we're going to put on a show or something. Which is exactly how I explained staging to Carlie.

HER: Mom, what do you mean we're staging the house?
ME: I mean we're going to make it really clean and beautiful and keep it that way so when people come to look at it, they'll love it and want to buy it. We're going to pretend we always live this way.
HER: But as soon as we move, we can go back to being normal, right?

Wherein "being normal" = living like slobs, obviously.


katydidnot said...

i like carlie so much.

also? i like discount pharmaceutimae;rawonhA;cals.

Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

I grief for you and the staging. My helpful summer tip: Clean and leave each day. It's the only way I could keep it perfect and enjoy the sun.

Have a great fourth and art walk too.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

Carlie, The Girl, and Laura would be BFFs if everyone lived in the same city, huh?

Cat said...

I'm one of those paranoid people who frequently changes her passwords and has different passwords for different things. In order to keep up with all of this creativity, I have to write them down which means A)I'm constantly searching for my password list B) if our house is ever robbed the thieves can take my computer and the book of passwords that is usually somewhere nearby. Brilliant really.

Shana said...

Imagine the fabulous play date we could have with Carlie, Laura and The Girl, teaching them to make mommy cocktails and giving us pedicures and such. Fun for everyone!

Cat - I am very security conscious AND clever, so I have created a word document named PASSWORDS and have it on my laptop desktop. Inconspicuous much?

stephanie (bad mom) said...

Big giant FAH-RICK about the hacking; so sorry...

And Lisa & I are available with girl children (though we desperately wish Cheri & Katy were also here to share the fun) - give us a call during "Staging."

Anna See said...

Ugh! Hate hacking and hate changing passwords. Also KNOW the impossibility of keeping a house clean while people actually live there. Eek.