Thursday, July 16, 2009

You know how there is funny "haha" and funny "um, okay, whatever, dude"?

So I have some of each.

I went to the gym to run on the treadmill today. Because every now and then, even though the weather is swell, I like to indulge my OCD tendencies and run on the treadmill, where I can micromanage and be acutely aware of all of my running stats, likes miles per hour, distance down to the .01 of a mile, and calories burned.

I work out at Marhsall Community Center (because? $35/month, yo!) and there is a big parking lot on each side of the building. But very limited parking right in the front of the building where, you know, the entrance is. But I? Always get a spot in front. Always. Because I? Have a tiny bit of blogthismom parking mojo, but just a tiny bit.

But today? No spots in front! So I circled the lot. Twice.

And then realized I was circling a parking lot in order to save myself a 1/16 of a mile walk into the building, so I could go inside and run four miles. And that? Cracked me up. Sorry, I guess I am easily amused.

And now on to the funny "um, okay, whatever, dude." My husband? Is unnaturally obsessed with all things Michael Jackson. Every night? He comes home from work and pours over the "news" of any MJ coverage. The whole thing? Is kind of creeping me out. Wherein "kind of" = ewwwwww and get the frick over it.

And lastly, not funny in either sense, but just hot... Did you see President Boyfriend throw out that first pitch? Oooh la la. He? Is delicious. But, yo, baby, what's up with the mom jeans?

Could not find an image that captured the mom jeans. You Tube it.


Cat said...

I always park far from the gym door and laugh at the people who park close.

Anonymous said...

I did see that pitch! And I agree!!!!

OneTiredEma said...

I did not notice the momness of the jeans; was just surprised by the jeans, I guess. It was a little too regular guy for me, you know? I am all about not requiring people to wear a tie and jacket in the oval office since they are working like 26 hours a day and whatever, but really, I think nicely pressed khakis would have fit the occasion of the All Star Game first pitch + hot POTUS.

Now I need a moment.

OneTiredEma said...

Oh, and I often drive to a location in order to run there. Because hills? Are not my friends.

Anna See said...

i don't want to look up the mom jeans on you tube. i don't want to get disillusioned.

HB said...

I didn't think he had mom jeans but they were a little short. But since I', 6 feet tall I try to cut slack with tall people...

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

He looks BEAUTIFUL in mom jeans. Shut up. :-)

Also? On the parking spot? *like*