Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday Fill ins

1. Rum and Diet Coke with lime is my favorite summertime cocktail. I know, kind of white trash, but whatever.

2. My favorite John Hughes movies is Breakfast Club, but there are so many it's hard to say *absolute* favorite. May he RIP.

3. Hand-spun quality yarns is something I love to touch.

4. The full moon generally comes and goes without me noticing it.

5. I should be showering and dressing for work right now.

6. When daylight fades, ummm, it's night? 

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to Carlie's salsa dance party, tomorrow my plans include cleaning and laundry (glamorous life!) and Sunday, I want to not have yet another pointless open house, but probably will since we'll be open anyway!


Rach said...

Rum and diet coke always reminds me of holidays. Enjoy your weekend. :-)

Anna See said...

I think we should all watch The Breakfast Club this weekend to honor him.

Hope the open house isn't pointless.

I am hosting a crapola yard sale tomorrow a.m. that will prob prove pointless.

bernthis said...

wait? John Hughes died? I'm off to google and to find an old newspaper. where the hell have I been?

Anonymous said...

Wandered over from Bye Bye Pie. Glad I did!