Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday Fill ins

1. When will I sell this friggin' house and move on with the rest of my life? Because in case I haven't mentioned it? As soon as we move, we're going to be fabulous.

2. MAD MEN was the last good book I read or movie I saw or tv show I watched. Love this show!

3. Everything has its beauty but sometimes I'm too busy/pissed/focused to see it.

4. Beer is what I had for dinner. Sadly, not even joking here.

5. I'd like your department to please put an end to this identity theft nonsense. Thanks, officer.

6. Right where I am is where I want to be right now, which is on my bed, with a lil' buzz and nothing to do!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to nothing, nothing and some more nothing, tomorrow my plans include working and cleaning and laundry, (oh my) and Sunday, I want to have a "Rescue Me" viewing party with girlfriends, brie and wine... hold on Denis Leary, I'll be there soon!


jasmine said...

I need to watch Mad Men... people keep talking about how amazing it is!

katydidnot said...

oh, you said brie and wine and dennis leary. i'm in.

Anna See said...

Finally started watching these 2 shows and love them both! And brie? I'm a big fan. Some day I'd love to meet in real life and have some brie and wine with you. Sounds like so much fun!