Friday, October 16, 2009

Obsessed much?

It started with a cupcake. A really tasty cupcake.

Hey, I can make cupcakes! They're cute, novel, and Carlie can help decorate without me so much wanting to hurt her. You mess one up, you've got, like, 20 more to work with. Win Win!

Here's the part where I point out that I don't really *make* things that require baking. And also? Anything I have ever decorated looks like it was made by kids. At the blind school. But I digress.

I'm going to make cupcakes as my new signature "what's Shana bringing to the party" dish. But instead of looking for idiot-proof yet tasty cupcake recipes, I am COMPLETELY OBSESSED with cake stands. I know. Right? But seriously, is presentation not half the package when you're bringing food to a party?

So today Carlie and I will be hitting the thrift stores and garage sales -- again -- last weekend it was for baby doll heads. Today we're in search of cool vintage plates for the top part where the cupcakes sit , and then bowls, wine glasses and candle holders for the bases. Because we're going to make cake stands. Yes. Multiple cake stands. Because here's the best part of the plan... when I bring the cupcakes to the party, the cake stand is a gift! GENIUS.

What work? What backlog? What transcripts? What dirty house that's hosting an open house this weekend? Shut up. Oooooooh... cupcakes at the open house! That would get this sucker sold, surely.
Plastic plate and cup from Dollar Tree

Random plates on those cheap vases flowers are delivered in

Multi layers


Plain plates on plain vases with, um, stuff stuck in them

Using a bowl for the base

Not just for cakes or cupcakes!

Looks like an ice cream soda glass for a stand

Cool plate with candle holder base

Simple plate on upside down margarita glass


Tiffany said...

You know, I can think of a better use for a margarita glass than as a cake stand! Just sayin'...

Keetha said...

It's the thrill of the hunt. Sounds like fun. Report back.

Contessa Kris said...

Ohhh! I love the wooden candle holder one and the vintagey ones. Have fun hunting!