Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Not it

We thought this could be it. But, it's not.

My email to the realtor, after showing the house for THE THIRD TIME to the SAME COUPLE in ONE WEEK.

Dear Realtor,
Thanks for showing the house blah blah blah ass kiss ass kiss blah blah blah negotiate blah blah flexible on our price blah blah work with them on what they need blah blah blah ass kiss.

The realtor's email back to me.
"I am out of the country. I don't know that they're interested in pursuing your house any further. Will let you know when I return middle of next week."

Note: My email is paraphrased. Hers is cut and paste in its entirety.

MY MORAL DILEMMA: This couple CALLED ME and looked at the house WITHOUT THEIR REALTOR the first time they saw the house. Ironically, their realtor was out of town. But they are working with a realtor. A very chatty and friendly one, as you can tell from her email to me.

I kind of want to call them, the home shoppers, directly, and get their feedback on why they've decided, after coming thru THREE TIMES IN ONE WEEK, that this is not the house for them. But I know that as a seller, I shouldn't be contacting them directly and should be going thru their agent. BUT they are the ones that initiated contact directly with me to begin with, otherwise I wouldn't even have the contact info. So, basically, if I am a pain in their ass, it is kind of their own fault. Right? RIGHT? Plus, I'm not a realtor, so it's not like I'm breaking any rules on soliciting a client away from another realtor or whatever. I am not even trying to get out of paying the good-for-nothing rude-ass never-available realtor her commission. I just want to know WHY.

So my first moral dilemma question, which was going to be, SHOULD I STAB SOMEONE, has been answered by my husband. (The answer is no, FYI. Whatever.) And now the question I pose to you, Oh Great and Wise Internet, should I call the three-time-lookers, or not?


Victoria said...

Yes, you have nothing to lose.

Tiffany said...

You may call the lookie-lous, but only if you start the conversation with "Seriously, WTF?"

oliver rain said...

I would call them, especially since they initiated contact. I'm sorry to hear you are still trying to sell. We took our home off the market after about 6 weeks. We had an offer, conditional on the buyers selling their house, but then the seller of the house we wanted wouldn't extend his contract. Then a month later he changed his mind. So now we are waiting again. The buyers have until the end of the year to sell their house, and if that happens we take possession of the new house on January 31st. The key word in this sentence is IF.
Isn't real estate grand?

stephanie (bad mom) said...

Yes, call.

I hate that realtor based on her reply alone, but maybe it's due to the multiple glasses of wine and ass-kicking mood I'm in.

But yes. Just a friendly little WTF?

Joanna @ The Casa said...

Call. They came by your house 3 times in one week. How could you possibly be bothering THEM?

Plus feedback is important. Maybe they have some insight for you?

You're not allowed to stab the realtor? Huh, husbands. Who knows what their logic is?

Jen on the Edge said...

Ditto what everyone else said.

Also, if you decide to list your house with a realtor one day, I'd find Rude Realtor's biggest rival and go with that person. Just because.

Cat said...

Did you sign anything with the Realtor? If not you have no obligation to her at all. I'd call them either way.

Keetha said...

What could it hurt? If the Realtor doesn't like it she may begin sending terse email responses. Oh, wait.