Monday, January 11, 2010

The Hangover - A Movie Review

Last night I watched The Hangover with girlfriends. And served them my Savory Chicken Biscuits, which I was trying out for my other blog. The biscuits? were yummy. The Hangover? was funny. After the girls left, I watched it again with Tim. If you're interested in my review of the hangover, scroll down. There are no spoilers, I swear.

The Hangover is a movie about a hot guy named Bradley Cooper. He is kind of a rascally fellow, but has a heart of gold. Bradley Cooper goes to this thing with some other guys who are not Bradley Cooper. Bradley Cooper sleeps with his shirt off. Bradley Cooper smiles with a twinkle in his eyes. The adventure goes awry and Bradley Cooper is funny, sensitive, caring, and cunning. And then Bradley Cooper saves the day and there is a wedding and Bradley Cooper wears a tuxedo. Oh, and then Bradley Cooper cradles his sleeping child in an extremely endearing way.

The end.

DISCLAIMER: This review was not paid for or endorsed by Bradley Cooper or the producers of The Hangover. However, if Bradley Cooper would like to discuss some type of compensation for my efforts... come to momma.


Fantastic Forrest said...

Boy, that sounds like a lot of fun. Delicious tasting and delicious looking. Gee, I wish I was your friend.

Nap Warden said...

Husband and I DVR'd The Hangover...SO funny! Bradley C. is dreamy:)

Diet Buddy Daily said...

Way better than the Ed Helms review I was thinking of!!! Glad you like it!

Nicole Feliciano said...

and if you need help with the interview I am available at short notice.

Anonymous said...

Ok....Have you seen the trailer for the A team? Bradley is in that. I am going to see it. I think in the trailer he is just wearing a towel.

dkuroiwa said... weird is this? i wrote a comment on FB and mentioned the phrase 'come to mama' about Bradley...and then i get over here and you said it, and i. are linked forevah. just so you know.
i don't know what looked more yummilicious...those biscuits? or Bradley Cooper? ;-)

bernthis said...

I almost put Bradley on top of George Clooney for man I would leave any other man for but just couldn't do it.