Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wish me luck... whatever that means

Note that "ponytail" does not include gray roots and split ends

Today at 1 p.m. I am going on a job interview. Did you hear me? I said I AM GOING ON A JOB INTERVIEW. I have been self-employed since 1995. And also? I have a hippy momma ponytail as my "professional" look. Yeah, this is going to be swell.

Ever since Tim has joined me in the ranks of the self-employed, it has become increasingly clear that one of us needs to have a "real" job, wherein "real" = benefits and paychecks on a regular schedule. Because paying for our family's health insurance independently, without benefit of a group, SUCKS IT HARD. And collecting accounts receivable on a you-get-paid-when-they-finally-pay-you basis is not particularly conducive to running a household.

So, the pros and of taking a job for a court reporting firm, as opposed to continuing in my freelance self-employed status.

Paychecks on a regular schedule
Paying less for health insurance and getting better coverage
No longer having to do my own billing and account collections
No longer having to do my own transcript production

Working for someone else and all that that implies
Working more hours per week*

*This one is dual-edged. It is a "con" in the sense that I will need to be committed to working every day, which totally cramps my style when it comes to all of the volunteering and crafting and going to lunching that I currently enjoy. BUT it's actually a "pro" when you factor in that the reason I am doing so much volunteering and crafting and going to lunching is because I don't have enough freelance work.

So I'm off to a job interview. For a job I am borderline interested in and which has the potential to totally cramp my style. I would say "wish me luck," but I'm not exactly sure what the lucky thing would be right now. I know! Wish that I find a bag of money in the street on my way to the interview. And that my hair morphs into something cute magically and of its own accord without me having to (a) choose a hairstyle (b) make a hair appointment or (b) spend $120 for a hair cut. Yeah. Wish that.

PS: Remind me to tell you about my batshit freak out at Target and how I have broken up with Target, forever, in a gigantic blaze of glory.

UPDATE: I was dazzling and, pretty much, the job is mine if I want it. I now need to decide if I want it. And if I do, how soon can I start. *Immediately* was bandied about. I gots some thinkin' to do.

UPDATE, THE DAY AFTER: It is possible that I have overestimated my own dazzlingness, because they have not called.

UPDATE III: The overestimation of my dazzlingness was premature and uncalled for. Turns out, I AM DAZZLING after all. Got the job offer. Took the job.


Anonymous said...

I hope you find a bag of money on your way to the interview.

I CAN'T WAIT for the Target story!

Jen on the Edge said...

Good luck!

Anna See said...

Yay! What do you think? The pros are looking pretty darn good.

Cat said...

It's nice to be wanted even if you don't want them. If you do take the job, I hope it doesn't cut into your blogging time.

Keetha said...

Wait a minute - does this job have the potential to interfere with your blogging? Because if so, you *really* need to do some thinking.


Congrats to you! You must have seriously rocked that interview.

Keep us posted, and also, don't keep us hanging with the Target story. I'm intrigued as I super love my Target.

OneTiredEma said...

You had me at someone else doing your billing...

You are a superstar!

chacha said...

I feel your aggravation. Benefits are important since the latest bastardized health insurance bill isn't going to help much of the middle class reduce costs. Damn insurance lobbyists.

Anyway. Well, I am one that always goes for stability so I would take the full-time gig provided it pays decently.

Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

I am slow to catch up because of the whole job thing myself. So excited for you and your ponytail or lack of ponytail and your target story.

<3 you

HB said...

Very excited for you - it will be hard not go to the office in seat pants - I'm just warning you...

HB said...

I meant sweat pants.....

Catootes said...