Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Great Downsizing Adventure Begins

If I were less lazy, I'd link back to my posts about downsizing and selling our house. But I am not less lazy. I am more lazy. So I'll recap: only one kid left at home, house is larger than what we need and we decided to put it on the market and downsize.

Except no one bought it. Fail.

But someone wants to rent it. Which could actually be the best possible scenario because it gives us a chance to "test drive" a condo or townhouse lifestyle, and if it's not for us, we get our house back. If it turns out we love the new lifestyle, we sell our house in the future, in a better market, and maybe actually get some of our equity. Win!

If all goes according to plan, we'll have a two-year lease signed in the next two weeks, with a move date of mid-May or June 1. Which means? I need to find us a place to live. Stat.

I've narrowed it down to three choices. And I'm having a hell of a time making a choice.

First up, Officers Row. Gorgeous historic homes, beautifully restored in a pristine park setting, some of which have been subdivided into townhouses. I've wanted to live there ever since I moved to this area in the 90s. Big pro: the historic nature of the area and the homes. Con: no pool, and though that might sound kind of petty, a pool was one of the deciding factors in going with a townhouse or condo (and the major Carlie selling point).

Next up, Columbia Shores. Beautiful high-end condominiums on the Columbia River. With an awesome pool. These are at the bottom of my list, though, because of the apartment building or hotel feel. Don't get me wrong, the corridors and lobbies are lovely. But it's definitely a different vibe. As luck would have it, there's a three bedroom available for rent, corner unit, with two walls of windows in the living room. Was there today and swoon.

And the big contender, Northwynd. Townhouses, not on the river, but on the waterfront Renaissance Trail, my most favorite running route along the river. The unit available has a gorgeous unobstructed river view. Nice pool and gym. This is where we were going to buy a townhouse when we thought we could actually sell our house. The downside to this rental is that the unit that fits our needs? Is furnished. More like "staged" than furnished. It's beautiful. I'd have no problem moving in with nothing but my clothes, except for the pesky fact that we have a houseful of furniture we'd have to store. Which is not only going to cost money, but hello, huge pain in the ass. We're troubleshooting that little issue right now. Ideas?

So those are my choices. I'm leaning towards Northwynd if I can figure out the furniture issue. Of all of the hard choices that we face in life, deciding which beautiful home to live in is a pretty good one to have.


Cat said...

Option #1: Your getting into the same thing you are trying to get out of - an old house. Plus no pool. Out.

Option #2: Could they make it any uglier on the outside. Nay.

Option #3: Perfect. Try to get them to move the furniture out - everything is negotiable.

Keetha said...

Option #1 is so pretty. SO pretty. But alas, Cat made the points I was going to so there is that.

Option #3 sounds good except the furniture. If they'll move it out, perfect. If not, well, then that sucks but it's not unsurmountable.

Anna See said...

eeek! this is so exciting! does tim have a say? i have zero advice for you, but can't wait to see what you choose.

Cheryl Guthrie said...

Go for No. 2! The "halls/walkways" will just add to that, "Huh, I'm still on vacation" feel. Full wall windows, view, pool.... This is temporary anyway. I mean, what are the odds of buying the same place you're in when you're ready? :0)

Jen on the Edge said...

If you go with option #3, will the leasing office take some or all of the furniture back and use it in a different unit?

Also, do you love 100% of your furniture? Could you get rid of the stuff you don't like?