Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ever have one of those weeks when NOTHING and EVERYTHING is all happening at the same time

Ever have one of those weeks when NOTHING and EVERYTHING is all happening at the same time? That times a million is where I am right now. I have NOTHING exciting to blog about. Yet I am also balls to the wall busy with random shit and WE'RE MOVING IN THREE WEEKS holy crap. Not. Even. Ready. Not even a little bit.

I've spent some time getting caught up on missed TV shows (more on that below), and can I just say that my excitement over Seth Aaron winning Project Runway is ridiculous? I mean, granted, he is practically my neighbor and I did met him once for about 8 seconds in a crowded gallery. But still? Giddy. Downright giddy. Carlie and I both.

And these girls? Are coming to visit. They'll be here for three weeks. As luck (or my lack thereof) would have it, they will be visiting during THE MOVE. That's right. Maggy and Iris will arrive, unpack, spend a week in our chaotic OMG PACK IT UP WE'RE MOVING HOUSE, and then we'll move. Right smack in the middle of their visit.

Wait. It gets better.

The first week and a half that we spend in our cozy new 1,100 square foot townhouse? Will be spent with ALL FIVE OF US IN RESIDENCE. I'm thinking this might work to my benefit, because when Maggy and Iris leave, our cozy new townhouse should feel downright spacious when it's only three of us. Right? RIGHT?

In unrelated news... I got a haircut. Went from past the bra strap in the middle of my back to just barely dusting the shoulders. Tim came home from work and we had a 10-minute conversation before I finally screamed DO YOU NOT EVEN NOTICE THAT MY HAIR IS GONE. For real.

Today I got out of work freakishly and unexpectedly early and went to a noon matinee with two girlfriends (Date Night, which was good). They pulled up to pick me up, I walked outside and to the car. When I opened the car door, they both exclaimed, YOU GOT YOUR HAIR CUT! Which they were able to discern just by watching me walk across my yard.

What the hell is wrong with my husband?

I am moving in three weeks. I have not packed anything. Except for my winter clothes. Which explains the freakish cold weather we've been having. PACKING FAIL.

I don't even have any boxes. This picture? Is, like, wishful thinking. Let me repeat: WE ARE MOVING IN THREE WEEKS. I have not begun to prepare for this in any fashion. I can take about 1/5 of my belongings on this move. I can store about 1/5 of my belongings in our storage space. That leaves ALMOST EVERYTHING I OWN in the "must get rid of" pile. This? Makes me queasy. And it also makes me go LA LA LA LA WHAT MOVE when I should be packing. And it also makes me get caught up on every episode of every show that I've ever watched in my *free time*, the time that should be spent packing. And wherein *free time* = WHO THE HELL THOUGHT IT WOULD BE A GOOD IDEA FOR ME TO HAVE A FULL-TIME JOB, ANYWAY? What free time?

There's a lot of yelling in this post. The excitement is running high around here. In fact, it's teetering right on the brink of spastic hyperactivity. And I am having a real hard time finding a way to *make it work*.

In sum, downsizing and full-time employment are going on my THIS IS NOT AS MUCH FUN AS I THOUGHT IT WOULD BE list, right alongside sharing and adopting cats.

PS: I still don't have an iPad. Just saying.


katydidnot said...

I think it's awesome that working full-time was ever on your I Think Is Going to Be Awesome List.

For real?

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

Seth Aaron remembers you.

And? Now that I know you're going to get rid of 3/5 of your stuff, you should have me come help you pack where come help you pack equals set your house on fire. If I haven't already done so (and I can't remember if I have or not because I'm old and addled), I really do need to write a blog post about the time I helped my friend Roxanne pack and I set fire to her kitchen -- smoke alarms, flames, the whole shebang. I really do need to write a blog post, but I'm sort of sick of blogging.

Your hair is incredible. It is fabulous. I love it. It looks like mine. (I just cracked myself up.)

Also? Seth Aaron remembers you.

Anna See said...

Oh my. Sounds like a lot of worlds colliding at the same time. I wish I could be there to help. I'm great at throwing other people's stuff away.

Keetha said...

I don't have any comforting words, particularly, but if you make yourself start packing, who knows - you may get all fired up and get into a frenzy of sorting, getting rid of, packing.

What? It could happen.

Jen on the Edge said...

I love your hair.

As for the move, just start throwing shit away.