Sunday, May 30, 2010

Blah Blah Blah

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I've got a case of the blogging blahs. Or maybe I've got a case of help me, I'm buried under shit that I moved that doesn't fit in my tiny assed condo and I can't get up. Either way. So here's my week in review in haiku.

Moved a bunch of stuff.
Cleaned my filthy old house.
Glad that part is done.

Moved too much stuff, d'oh!
Turns out? This townhouse? Very small
Goodwill, here I come.

Rain, rain, go away.
Seriously? WTF?
This is total crap.

Unpacked lots of stuff.
Lots of screaming, and cursing.
Moving is now done.


Anonymous said...

Haikus instead of Hari Kari.

Good stuff. I feel your pain.

Steve's wife, Beth

Diet Buddy said...

One of the worst Mem Day weekends on record here. SO COLD and rainy. It was warmer in Anchorage! Hang in there with the move. It will feel better in no time. I have a house full of too much stuff and I've been here for 18 years!

CaraBee said...

I hate moving. Hate. It. Kudos to you for coming through with your sense of humor intact.

Don't want to add to your burden, but we'd like to feature you at BlogTrotting next Wednesday. Can you have a post ready?