Sunday, May 23, 2010

And that's a wrap

We moved. Tonight is Night No. 2 in the new condo. It's also Night No. 1 in the new condo with THE CATS. Holy shit. What an ordeal, the moving of the cats. Blood was shed (by me) and the cat carrier fouled (by Buffy, the Mouse Slayer aka the stupidest cat ever). Good times, friends. Good times.

Because nothing can ever be simple, there's been other stuff going on during this period of crisis, I mean move. Maggy and Iris are here. Iris is very busy, what with being two and a half and all.

Saturday was Erinna's prom. I went to Lake Oswego Saturday evening to take pre-prom photos. And then sat in traffic for an hour and a half to get home. On a Saturday at 7 p.m. WTH, I5?

And Sunday was Carlie's big day at Arthur Murray Dance Camp. And guess what I did instead of sit at the dance studio for three hours? If you guessed DANCED, you win. That's right. One hour sessions in waltz, rhumba and swing. It was a lot of fun. Carlie is not particularly interested in me horning in on her dance fun, but since she was in the advanced class, I was safe to take the beginner class. And after dance, we sat in traffic for over an hour to get home, on a Sunday afternoon. Again with the WTH, I5?

So yeah, these girls kept us very busy this weekend, and yet we still managed to move 98% of our crap from the old house to the new. And we've been to happy hour twice at the McMenamin's across the street. I may never cook again. I've unpacked about, oh, 2%. Boxes and bins everywhere. Oh! And guess what? Not everything is going to fit in the condo. Specifically, my clothes and shoes. Which I've already paired down. It's just NOT. ALL. GOING. TO. FIT. Still trying to wrap my brain around that one and come up with a solution that does not = get rid of more stuff.

Monday morning should be full of awesome. Carlie will be going back to school for the first time since Friday 5/14. Did I not mention she had a stomach flu? Yeah. No school for a week, which means next week will be filled with school catch-up anxiety. And after dropping her off at school I'll be meeting a cleaning crew at the "old house" to start getting it ready for my renters. I've got a pro crew of two coming for kitchen and bath deep clean, and a college student working for $15/hour coming to help me with the rest of the house. Did I mention the part where I hate fucking cleaning?

This is the last time I'll mention "the move." But I will get some pictures up of the new place as soon as it doesn't look like a monsoon swept through.


Cat said...

Erinna looks beautiful, and I love the date's shoes!

Iris is too cute, but no wonder she's so busy. Jacking her up on Starbucks and all.

Sorry about the shoes and clothes. I'd suggest boxes under the bed, but I'm sure you've done that already.

Keetha said...

My word. That makes me dizzy - what a weekend.

I'm with you - I'd take dancing over unpacking any day.

San Diego Momma said...

I just have to tell you: I would wear Erinna's dress AND shoes TODAY.

WTF 1980s red dress I wore to prom with the puffy sleeves and taffeta?

Damn it all.

Glad you're almost moved in.

I'm sending you happy happy unpacking mojo.

DietBuddyDaily said...

Just saw on Facebook that the Seattle U2 Concert is cancelled. I hope I'm not the bearer of bad news for you -- but instantly thought of you when I heard!

Michelle said...

That prom dress is quite adorable! I really love it... she looks pretty!