Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Vancouver, Represent

I know I have been a complete freak about posting regularly. And if you are here visiting from Blog Trotting, hi! I apologize for being tardy, but, really, it's kind of how I roll.

I'm blogging from Vancouver, Washington. I live in the downtown area, which puts me less than 10 miles from downtown Portland, Oregon. I *love* the proximity to everything Portland has to offer, but there is a small contingent of weirdos who get a tad offended when Vancouver is referred to as a suburb of Portland. And of course, there are also those in Portland who turn their noses up to living "north of the river," hence the affection nickname Vantuckey. Which I kind of love.

Because I apparently have no control over how images load into this blog, in no particular order I bring you some highlights from Vancouver.

Esther Short Park, a beautiful example of urban renewal in downtown Vancouver. This is a beautiful one mile stroll from my home.
The park is home to an awesome Farmers Market on weekends. Fabulous artisans and vendors, fresh produce and delicious food.

I live on the Renaissance Trail along the Columbia River. It's a gorgeous running/biking/walking pathway and my route to downtown.

I am right across the road from the national park and historic fort at Fort Vancouver. There's always something happening there. And there's nothing quite as lovely as a stroll through Officers Row.

Besides all that Vancouver has to offer, I also love being close enough to Portland to enjoy the Oregon Brewers Festival, The Portland Rose Festival and all of the cool stuff that is always happening here in the Pacific Northwest.
Welcome to Vancouver! Hope you brought your rain boots and a hat... thanks for stopping by my blog! If you're not here from Blog Trotting, go check them out!
I'm in the midst of a photo tour of our new home now that we are COMPLETELY UNPACKED AND MOVED IN. Did you hear that? I said COMPLETELY UNPACKED AND MOVED IN. Seriously. xox.


Carrie said...

Greetings from the Canadian Vancouver :) A little bigger, a little crazier.

Visting from Blogtrotting

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

I am packing right now (which means setting my kitchen on fire) and moving to Vantucky with you.

mep said...

Congratulations on being completely unpacked and moved in! I'm visiting from BlogTrotting and Chicago, where I am trying to sell my house so I can pack, unpack, and move in somewhere else.

I am completely delighted with the term "Vantuckey." When is the Vantuckey Derby?

Great tour. My apologies again for mixing up Vancouver, WA and Vancouver, B.C.

Anna See said...

i want to visit! don't worry i have my own aerobed.

CaraBee said...

I'm with mep, Vantuckey is hilarious!

My best friend visited Vancouver as part of a Northwest tour this past summer and loved it. She raved and raved about it. I think she might have gone to the Brewfest, actually, which might explain a few things. :)

Thanks for the great tour!

Keetha said...

What a purty place!

I'm looking forward to the tour 'o home of your new place.