Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Homestead, Part 2

This is the second half of my photo tour.

So... the kitchen. Lots of cabinet space and a small pantry. One of the few areas where I did not have to make any huge sacrifices and get rid of a ton of stuff. Thankfully. We are having a very drab and rainy spring here in the Pacific Northwest, so this photo is not so great with the lack of natural sunlight.
This one is brighter, and you can see the marble countertops. Love the marble countertops.
This is the master bedroom. The two bedrooms are really about the same size, but this one has a bathroom. And a river view.

A major sacrifice in the downsizing has been my office. I've always had a dedicated office space (a necessity when I was working from home 100% of the time with children). Now? No office. I commandeered half of the huge double closet and, voila, instant office. It works.

Carlie's room. I didn't make her clean up for photos. She has abandoned her pink and green and purple phase and is embracing what she likes to call her "city girl" decor. I thought letting her decorate would make her want to keep her room clean. Yeah. No. Not so much.

Not pictured... there's a second bathroom, of course, with a stackable washer and dryer. ANOTHER BIG ADJUSTMENT, the small stackable washer and dryer. To help make the point of just what a change it is compared to our extra large capacity washer and dryer at the old house? My helpful cat, Buffy, has peed on Carlie's queen sized comforter not once, not twice, but THREE EFFING TIMES. On an unrelated note, I have a sweet kitty looking for a new home if anyone is interested.
Also not pictured, a very tiny one-car garage and a third room, referred to by the developer as a "studio." It's in a weird location, off of the garage, but is a nice sized room currently housing a day bed and trundle, TV, sewing and crafting stuff and a place for Carlie to do homework.
When I am not so frustrated with Blogger and its lame ass photo upload capabilities, maybe I'll do a Part 3.
So that's it. We are downsized. We have not died. I have not killed anyone. Win!
Peace out.


Anna See said...

i love it! seriously thinking about downsizing, too, so i am looking forward to your insight. :)

Keetha said...

Your kitchen is gorgeous.