Friday, October 8, 2010

A list, in lieu of a real post

Because? Lazy. Hello.

1. On Tuesday, my sister is having a baby girl. I'll be an aunt again! This has sent me into a knitting frenzy. Also, my sister tried to strong-arm her doctor into inducing her on Sunday so the baby's birthday would be 10/10/10, but the doctor doesn't work on Sundays. How cool would it be to have 10/10/10 for your birthday?

2. Stealing a quote from my favorite birthday girl, because it sums up my feelings perfectly: The phone part of my iPhone totally sucks, but the awesomeness of the “i” part makes the suckage of the phone part sort of totally worth it...

3. Carlie has missed two weeks of school. Started with a stomach bug, ended with severe flare of her IBS and a trip to the hospital for blood work and an abdominal x-ray. Actually, it has not ended yet, but now that we've confirmed she doesn't have an Asian parasite (thanks for nothing, WebMD) and just needs to take a good poop, I am hopeful that the end is near and she'll be back in school Monday.

4. Missing two weeks of school is extremely stressful when you're in sixth grade and prone to anxiety.

5. Having a sick kid at home when you have to go to work is also extremely stressful.

6. My work schedule got screwed up last week and I was sent out on a job that I was not prepared for and, honestly, not qualified to be on, and yet, BAM, here I am and let's deal with it. Only "deal with it" turned into "mess it all up" and... yeah, I don't want to talk about that just yet.

7. Why is it so hard for me to accept the fact that the only way to lose weight and feel better is eating healthy food and exercising? I refuse to believe I cannot find a magic shortcut. One that involves fries. And donuts.

8. I've recently diagnosed myself with two new ailments... the one where you think you have bugs crawling on you, but you really don't, but it doesn't matter that you really don't, because, hello, invisible fucking bugs are crawling on me RIGHT NOW. Also, I've developed a case of animism with regards to my love for my new coffee maker. Like, I want to marry it. OK. Not quite as bizarre as these folks, but still.

9. Fall is here. I love fall, even if it means rain. Fall makes me nostalgic and homesick. But I love it anyway.

10. I am making a quilt for my oldest daughter, Maggy. It involves cutting and pressing and sewing and cutting again, and pressing again, and sewing again, to the tune of eleventy million 6x6 inch squares. My original goal was Christmas. My revised goal is her 50th birthday.

11. The combination of my love for American Pickers and mid-century decor a'la Mad Men has led to some extraordinary finds lately... including a pair of 1950 glass lamps, a 50's era mod wooden lamp, a 1960's drop leaf table and some very cool artwork circa 1974. Photos in next post.

12. Lastly, Not to sound cliched, but TGIF. Actually, more like FTFGIFF. Insert F word for all extra Fs. Yeah, it's been that kind of week. xox.


Anna See said...

Woah, girl! You've got a lot going on! Have you tested Carlie for C.Diff? It's a super-bug that's going around. Just a thought. I am guessing this is what Molly had for EVER last spring.

I am impressed with your recent finds and look forward to seeing pics!

Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

FTFGIFF has a certain ring to it.

Please have a better week, for Pete's sake. <--- Like last week's drama was planned...

Fantastic Forrest said...

Mmmmm. Donuts.

We should go to Farmers Market on Saturday and get some. Say yes.

Maggie May said...

oh your poor daughter! IBS is awful, i had it for years. i hope she's feeling better. anxiety and IBS seem to go hand in hand.

congrats on being an auntie!!!