Saturday, February 12, 2011

My Marital Secret

My cozy bed, taken at 7:58 a.m. this morning

Time for me to let you in on a shameful secret that I've been keeping for quite a while now. Brace yourself.

My husband? Has been sleeping on the couch.

But wait. It gets worse.

I like it. There. I said it. I like it.

I like having the bed to myself. I like using the extra blanket AND having the heat on, both, at the same time (this is an either/or proposition if Tim is in the room). I like sleeping in the middle, diagonal across the bed.

It all started back in late November, when Tim early gifted himself with a PS3 for his birthday, and he would stay up late shooting zombies, and he ended up sleeping on the couch.

And he liked it.

He now swears that the back problems he's been experiencing for the last year or so are because of our mattress (our mattress is fine, just FYI) and when he sleeps on the couch, he wakes up with zero back pain.

Whatever. The point is, this arrangement is working out well for all involved. He's spending half of his nights on the couch, and we both wake up happy. In fact, just the other night I was snugly camped out in the middle of the bed with my laptop and my extra blanket and using all of the pillows when he walked into the bedroom with his book in hand, looking ready for bed. And I said, "What are you doing?" and he said "Coming to bed." And I was like, "Oh," and had to completely rearrange my perfectly arranged self and, frankly, it was kind of annoying.

And don't think this is just me being a greedy bed hog. You should see the smirk on his face when he's encamped on the couch in his Snuggy (for real) with his game remote in hand and his book at the ready (for post-gaming wind down). He's a happy camper too.

There is talk of mattress shopping and new couch shopping within the next few months. The current couch is cozy for sleeping on but ugly and worn. The mattress is fine, but whatever. The point is, this violation of the sanctity of the marriage bed is probably temporary. So I've got to enjoy it while it lasts. Wherein "enjoy it" = sleeping diagonal with the extra blanket and my laptop.


Kate said...

This is probably one of my favorite things about being single. That my laptop and four books and a smallish pile of clean laundry can sit on the other side of the bed all night while I sleep. Plus the whole not having to negotiate anything with anyone ever is also nice.

Kathy said...

Too I see twin beds in your future?

Cat said...

I look forward to Yankee's leaving on a trip, so I can sleep in the middle of the bed. I have a friend who has two double beds in their room. She says "they get their business done, then they each sleep comfortably in their own bed." Sounds good to me.

Anna See said...

Sounds lovely!

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

Has long fantasized about "His & Hers Master Suites," in which the "Hers" suite would have a barista making a housecall every morning.

Keetha said...

Makes sense to me!

Maybe don't get in too big of a hurry for the new furniture and such. Besides, nothing's more boring than mattress shopping.

4rx said...

hmmmm that bed in fact looks so cozy, do you want some company?? I am available and ready to mingle hahaha