Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Don't tell child protective services, but...

A new depth of parenting low has been reached. I actually texted Carlie on my way home from work today while she was on the school bus, had her get off of the school bus at Beaches and snag us a table for happy hour. Yes, my 12 year old child was fighting for a much coveted table in a bar full of happy hour crazed adults. By herself. Texting me with every move she made.

"Theres no tables"

"Sum people are eating A TON of stuff"

"I think they r almost leaving"

"Got it!"

To which I replied:


And she replied:


And I replied OH NEVER MIND, but only in my head.

Does she look traumatized? Even if she is, the wings? Worth it.


deenie said...

This is important for her future!

Keetha said...

That's not bad parenting; that's called being resourceful. Tiger Mom win.

Grace said...

I'd say as long as your kid isn't shy, it's no big deal and you got yourself a table!